Jeffrey Dean Morgan read the written book The Deadline. ‘This film will blow your mind over the weekend

The film stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, Isle of the Dead is a story about the unlikely duo that is Maggie and Negan as they struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic Manhattan away from the majority of US. There are dead and the inhabitants have changed New York into its own world of anarchy beauty, danger, and terror. The couple traveled to Meridian despite the brutal killing of their husbands with a baseball bat during the famous scene at the end of the 11th season.

Morgan shared his enthusiasm for this week’s episode via Twitter. He tweeted that he’s eager for the trip and also nea’s as well as nean.

Fans are angry following aMC confirmed that the spin-off had been made public prior to the show’s finale. AMC’s decision to announce a brand new film starring Maggie and Negan and a brand new movie about Daryl is a confirmation they will endure, and ruin the entire season of television. Morgan has earlier apologized for his followers, declaring that he was not sure why the network chose not to release the spinoff prior to the season’s finale.

This sequel to the crime film is expected to be released this year.