Junker Queen is Overwatch 2’s newest hero

Over watch will have a new hero: Blizzard Entertainment announced Sunday that the Junker queen will be Overwatch2‘s newest playable character, when the hero-based shooter launches in October.

A new trailer for Over watch HTML2 shows Junker Queen, a tank-class character in action. A shotgun is her primary weapon. However, she can also use a large, two handed ax to perform close-range melee attacks. Junker Queen also seems to demonstrate two of her skills in the trailer: a dash attack which spins multiple axes around it, and Junker Queen recalling how she threw an ax using what appears be a magnetic glove.

Junker Queen’s design seems to match previous teases of the character as seen in Over watch’s Junker town map, and in Wrecking ball’s origin story video. Her mohawk is accentuated by her distaste for Omnics. Her armor includes several faceplates as well as a salvaged arm made from dead Omnics.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Junker Queen, according to Over watch legend, is Junker town’s ruler. Junker town is a refuge in the Australian Outback, where Junker Queen was a robotics factory worker. Junker town’s Scrapyard is a gladiatorial venue where Junker town residents compete for survival and glory. Junker Queen is also responsible for overseeing the Scrapyard. This is where Wrecking Ball discovered his purpose after fleeing from the Horizon Lunar Colony, an Earth-based colony.

Junker Queen will become Overwatch’s 34th confirmed hero. She follows Sojourn who was announced back in 2019. Junker Queen will also be available when Overwatch2 comes out this fall. Overwatch2 will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is free to download and play.

Blizzard claims it will reveal more about Overwatch2 and possibly more about Junker Queen during a stream that takes place on June 16.