Kitty Love Takuma Suguri Walkthrough

Kitty Love Takuma Suguri Walkthrough: Best Choices to Complete Takuma Suguri Route. Unlock the Happy Ending and Normal Ending

Kitty Love Takuma Suguri – Happy Ending

Choose the Happy Ending that is right for you


1st Episode: Let him carry

2nd Episode: There are no choices

3rd Episode

4th Episode:

  • Place your nose on his cheek
  • Take a look at Takuma

5th Episode: It’s probably your imagination


6th Episode: I was thinking…

7th Episode: Yes, please!

8th Episode: Someone that I respect

9th Episode: Unlock the Happy Endeavor

Normal Ending

There are many options to unlock the Normal Ending


1st Episode: Surprised and Scratched

2nd Episode: There are no choices

Episode 3: I don’t have cold

4th Episode:


  • Crying from the ground
  • We don’t have the answer

5th Episode: It’s not so

6th Episode: Nothing

7th Episode: It’s impossible

8th Episode: What can I tell you?


9th Episode: Unlock the normal ending

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