Konosuba Fantastic Days Reroll Guide & Tier List

Konosuba Fantastic Days – Reroll Guide and Tier List – What to aim for, how to reroll, and the Tier list [Target characters ranked from Tier A to Tier D]


It is easy because you can start the game with a guest account. To decide whether you want to reroll, it is important to identify which characters are most interesting to you.


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Konosuba Fantastic Days – Reroll Guide and Tier List – Steps to Reroll

These are the steps for rerolling:

  1. Get Konosuba Fantastic Days for your device
  2. Register as a guest account
  3. Completion of the tutorial. Claim the rewards. Check your in-game mail.
  4. You can farm coins [currency] until enough is available for the 10x gacha draw
  5. Try your luck at the Recruit menu
  6. If you are unhappy with the results, log out and log back in with a guest account.

FAQ – What should I aim for?

Try to find a 4-star character. These are the best, and if you do not get one, be happy

  • Wiz [Christmas Eve]
  • Megumin [Group pose]
  • Iris [Mischievous Princess]
  • Melissa [Treasure Hunter]
  • Chris High-Flying Thief
  • Chris [Maid To Loot]
  • Chris [My Treasure]
  • Iris (Royal Holiday)
  • Iris [Siblings]
  • Iris First Casino Foray
  • Cielo (Dancing Adventurer)
  • Cielo (Axel Hearts)
  • Amy (Soother Spirits)

Konosuba Fantastic Days – Tier List

Tier S is the best option, as they are easy to obtain, but Tier A can be difficult to attain, though they are still quite good.

Tier S

Tier S is the most important character in the game. They are OP:


  • Wiz [Tonight is the Christmas Eve]
  • Megumin [Matching Pose]
  • Melissa [Treasure Hunter]
  • Emilia [Spirit Arts User]

Tier A

Tier A characters are very good, but not the best.

  • Aqua [Sparkling Seas]
  • Megumin (Nice Explosion!
  • Iris [Royal Holiday]
  • Iris [Mischievous Princess]
  • Chris [High Flying Thief]
  • Chris [Maid To Loot]
  • Chris [My Treasure]
  • Rem [Battle Maid]

Tier B

Tier B is for average characters. Choose them if they appeal to you.

  • Wiz [Water Blast]
  • Yunyun [Megumin’s Friend]
  • Yunyun (Friendly Halloween)
  • Cielo [Axel Hearts]
  • Iris [First Casino Foray]
  • Iris [Pizza Lover]
  • Megumin [Sea Play]
  • Arue [Best Bod]
  • Mitsurugi [Dreamy Dealer]
  • Rin [Certified Wizard]
  • Erika [Dancing Adventurer]
  • Erika [Fan service]
  • Erika [Casual]

Tier C

Tier C characters are lower than average, so if they’re used, it’s because you love them. :

  • Darkness [Secret Past]
  • Aqua [Nature’s Beauty]
  • Aqua [Otherworldly Tour]
  • Megumin [Magical Melodrama]
  • Megumin [Let’s Get Clear]
  • Megumin [Freezing Season]
  • Mitsurugi [The Chosen One]
  • Chris [Steal]
  • Chris [Bunny Girl]
  • Dust [Delinquent Adventurer]
  • Dust [Succubus Shop – Regular]
  • Dust [Super Sledder]
  • Rin [Sun Soaked]
  • Rin [Single Lady]
  • Kazuma [Winter Layers]
  • Kazuma [Don’t Mind Me]
  • Kazuma [Pumpkin Battle]
  • Cielo [Dancing Adventurer]
  • Cielo [Moonlite Stage]
  • Miso soup [The Chosen One]
  • Miller Light [Follower to the Goddess]
  • Iris [Sneaking Out]
  • Iris [First Princess from Belzerg]
  • Arue [Crimson Demon]
  • Arue [Aspiring Writer]
  • Yunyun [Seeking Friends]
  • Yunyun [Beachcomber]

Tier D

Tier D is the most dangerous characters in the game. Even if they are your favorite, we strongly recommend that you avoid them.

  • Aqua [Pumpkin Cuisine]
  • Aqua [Winter Layers]
  • Aqua [Order of Axis]
  • Kazuma [Shut In No More]
  • Kazuma [A Ball for Two]
  • Kazuma [Tough Times]
  • Melissa [Adult’s Onsen Trip]
  • Cecily [Big Sister]
  • Cecily [Cottontail Cleric]
  • Megumin [Pajama Party]
  • Melissa [Elegance]
  • Melissa [Seductress]
  • Wiz [Ice Witch]
  • Wiz [Sweet Dreams]
  • Rin [Winter Wonderland]
  • Mia [Mischievous Beastman]
  • Mia [Yummy Quest]
  • Mia [Endless Eater]
  • Lia [Dancing Adventurer]
  • Lia [Summer Match]
  • Lia [Rising Idol]
  • Amy [Soother of Spirits]
  • Amy [Motherly Protector]
  • Darkness [all member cards]