League of Legends Project L will be free to play

The League of Legends fighting game Project L will cost you nothing, Riot announced, and it appears that it’s going to be a great game. Project L champions are shaping out nicely

It is believed that the League of Legends fighting game Project L is free to play or to download when it launches, Riot, Riot announced in a short update video. The senior director of Project L Tom Cannon said the team would like to continue Riot’s long-standing tradition of making games available to everyone, no matter the location they reside in or how much they can spend on video games and, while Cannon did not mention that, implies that the game is likely to have microtransactions as well. Cannon did not provide a release date on Project L, but did declare that the team is moving beyond the basic game and is currently working on Champions as well as new mechanics that will enhance the game’s gameplay.

Additionally, Riot published an in-depth development blog detailing the process of the process of bringing one of these Champions into the world of Project L: Illaoi. The team was asked to reflect on the manyaspects they think about when deciding on the Champion to be used in Project L, including their roles in LoL as well as their personalities and capabilities that they have in different League properties, like that of the Cursed King and Legends of Runeterra.

The team aims to convey the essence of what is what makes the Champion who they are , and the potential for who they can become. Illaoi from Project L is truly larger than life. She has huge hitboxes and bigger attacks. She is able to strike enemies with her totem , and in true fashion to her LoL variant, summons the ghostly Tentacles of Nagakabouros to help. The relationship was subject to several changes before the team decided on a model that they felt fit Illaoi’s character she was the main force, and Nagakabouros her power serving as an integral role.

She’s slow, but skilled at creating opportunities for attacking opponents, and keeping their defenses in check. It’s still early in development, which means we will not learn much on Illaois and Project L any time soon.

Cannon stated that he’ll release an update to his fight game in 2022 however, he didn’t specify the exact date of. We’ve waited for long enough another update ever since we played the very first Project L gameplay that having another to anticipate in the same year very thrilling.

If you’re thinking what you’ll spend on Project L, there’s a handy new way to monitor the amount you paid for League of Legends. Microtransactions can be beneficial however. The money earned from the latest Star Trek round of LoL skins were donated to charities.