Lian Li launches infinity 120 Modular Fans with ARGB Lighting

Lian Li has announced the forthcoming Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 cooling fans sporting a striking design. They were specifically designed specifically for gaming on PCs.

Image Source: Lian Li

The designs of the products were based on the concept from The Infinity Mirror and the multicolor anthology backlight. It has 40 LEDs in total. The lamp is completely covered in the air, with tubes with LEDs. It is possible to adjust and synchronize effects by using the controller that is specifically designed for it as well as an MMO. The devices are offered in black and white color choices.

The fan’s width is 120mm and its width is 25 millimeters. It’s used to boost the speed of rotation from 200 to 200 within the range of 1 to 100 rotations per minute. The Start/Stop Fan function permits coolers to shut down completely under low loads.


The airflow increases by 100 cubic meters/hour. the static pressure was increased by 2,66 millimeters. The noise threshold is declared to be over 29 dBA.

Fans are modular. They can be assembled in five pieces using only one cable connection.

The cost for Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 is approximately thirty dollars. Three units including the controller will cost $100.




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