Lichdom: Battlemage 100% Achievement Guide

NO missable Achievements


This guide is all about accomplishments

This guide does not contain any information about how to play the game.

This article is about achievements only. If you are looking for help, there are many guides that can teach you the game.


Nevertheless, I want to share with you three quickfire tips.

  • You can find a lot of information in the game journal, including explanations on how the different Sigils work. It can be opened by pressing the [J] key.
  • There are three types of shields. You can only chain as many dashes together depending on the type of shield that you have. You can only have 3 dashes at a given time with the default shield you get when you first start the game. There’s an “Agile Shield”, that allows infinite chaining. This will increase your survivability and allow you to travel faster, depending on how you play.
  • You must choose whether the spell is supposed to deal damage (“Destruction”) or lock the enemy in place (“Control”), or apply a debuff to enemies to increase their damage (“Mastery”) for each crafted spell. For more information, the game will provide tutorial videos. Don’t sleep on mastery! We are not talking about 20% or 10% more damage. It starts with a multiplier that is roughly x2 at the beginning, and then goes up to deal 20x damage per spell by the endgame.

Story, Bosses & Difficulty Setting






Select your first sigil


Under the Rocks

Maelstrom’s secrets are revealed


Get the water flowing

Restored Zasad water supply



What price?


In the Darkness

Soddentrod is a memento

These five are directly related to the story and can be unlocked at any point along the way. Usually, this happens at the end of each level.









The First of Many

Rogiro, his undead animal and his friend are gone




Surf and Turf

Frostclaw is defeated




Dust in the Wind

The Ancient Golem Must Be Killed




Bitter Victory

Retire from the grave

PowerWash Simulator – StegoScore Achievement Guide


I am the Dragon

Some people simply want to see the world go by.


Each boss can have three achievements.

One is unlocked per default after defeating bosses; the other two are tied to defeating bosses on the difficulties Battlemage and Badass.

The difficulty levels are very high in this game.


  • They are first and foremost compatible with each other downward.
    Beat them on “Badass”, and unlock all 3.
  • You can also change difficulty midfight. You can change the difficulty of any boss by changing the health bar at the bottom.
    After you have set the bar low, open the menu and change the difficulty to “Badass”. Make sure to click “Apply” instead of clicking [Esc].
  • Finally, bosses can respawn. You can use fast travel to get to the end of any level. Once you reach the boss room, the boss will respawn and unlock the harder achievements.



However, note that changing the difficulty level to “Badass”, will reset all unequipped sigils levels back to 1.


The horribly misnamed “New Game Plus”





Newb Game Plus

Complete any Vortex Portal


Challenge Completed

Complete a complete New Game Plus series



In one sitting, complete a whole series of Vortex Portals


Plus Sized

Three sets of Vortex Portals must be completed


You don’t have to do all eight areas again, but “Complete an entire New Game Plus Sequence” is not a requirement. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Once you have finished Shax, you will be able to access a “New Game Plus hub”. The hub is nothing but a balcony that has 6 portals.


You can replay a portion of each of the 8 areas through these portals, which are divided into three types of portals.

  • “Skirmish: Reach the end of the level.
  • “Hunt: Defeat x group of enemies.
  • “Disabled”: A tower defense mode.

Depending on how many skirmishes are received and whether you run to the end with an Agile Shield, a set of portals can take between 30-60 minutes.





Bass Ackwards

All Skirmish Portals must be completed


Magic Hunt

All Hunt Portals must be completed


Cult 45

All Disable Portals Completed



Take a piece of paper and note which portals have you completed. Once you have completed the 3 required sets of achievements, you will likely be given portals that you’ve already completed. This is not a problem in skirmishes but can be annoying in the other 2.

You can reset portals by going back to the Main Menu if you encounter this problem. Continue this process until you find the portals that you are missing.

Plaques & Loot Machines



There are 8 achievements called “Explorer”, which require you to “Find all the Plaques in [the] game].”




There are 4 more achievements that can be used to complete up to 20 loot machine missions.

They are hidden in 30 places, so finding 20 shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you have found a loot-machine, you can simply shoot any spell at the machine to activate it.


  • They almost always end up at a dead stop. If the path is not straight ahead, press the [V] key on your keyboard to continue.







This One, This One Right Now.
This was my Dream, My Wish

Locate 20 Loot Orbs

They are available in every 8 area. There are about 200.








Puking Pustules

Destroy 20 Loot Spores

Most of them are found in Drivasser. You will find a few in the last area. However, you need to identify this one in the beginning.



Grey Teeth & Maelstrom





Pure 99.1%

Destroy 20 Loot crystals

There are many more than 20 areas within the two areas so it won’t be an issue.




Achievement and Description


It’s Comein’ Outta me Like Lava!

Fall in the Maelstrom’s lava

You can jump once into the lava while you are in Maelstrom.



Zasad & Lost ZasadThere is no achievement.
These containers can be destroyed for loot.





Man, You Took Too Much.
It Was Too Much

More than 20 special items can be destroyed
Soddentrod crates


A Salt Shaker Half Full

Be careful with the Soddentrod crates


Particularly when it’s
Wave a Razor-sharp
Hunting Knife in Your Eye

Oops! I broke that crate on my own.



These crates do not actually drop any loot. You will need to destroy 20 of these crates.

If you defeat one of these crates while II) an enemy and I) yourself are directly adjacent to it, the other achievements will unlock.



Sinkhole & Soddentrod already have the crates above, but these plants are also the local destroyable loot containers.
They have not achieved anything.







Craft your first spell

It’s easy enough. Simply go into your inventory and press the [l] button. Then go to crafting. You don’t have to be useful in order to achieve the achievement.





This is the best thing about it

All tier 20 spells can be equipped

This cannot be unlocked until you defeat the final boss. Each area you complete increases your tier of drop materials by 1 as you progress through the eight areas.


After the story is over, Vortex Portals will be unlocked – please refer to the NG+ chapter.

Before you enter a portal, the name of the portal will indicate which tier of ingredients were dropped. Keep crafting and equipping higher-tier spells, and your portal tiers will rise.





True Badass

Equip nine unique spells


Every permutation is necessary

Create every synergy spell you can


Keep auto-upgrading materials through the “Smart Inventory” until you see the message to the right.

This means that you have an upgradeable legend shape. Switch to custom inventory and go to Synthesis -> Upgrade to upgrade the legendary shapes that are not greyed out.


You can only equip 3 synergy spells in your loadout. However, you can still create unique spells with them.

In order to register the achievement/game, you might have to equip each of the 12 unique synergy magic spells.





It’s better to be good.

Create a spell with a unique pattern and four legendary embellishments


This achievement is completely RNG-based. Although it might take some time to get this one working, it is very likely to drop once you have completed all other achievements.

You need a legend shape that can be upgraded but has the ability to hold its own.

“+4 Augment slots”

You can then upgrade it to a Non-Synergy shape and, while crafting a spell throw four legendary augments at the it.

Sigil Leveling


All your Sigils should be at 16