Limbo Achievements Guide

Limbo Achievements guide – Road To 100% – Guides to unlock all achievements with locations, video guides and tips


Limbo Achievements Guide – Solutions & Locations

These are the solutions to all achievements:


    • Wrong Method: Run all the way left instead of going straight and then stand on the small white blob.
    • Attitude Chapter 4 > move the crate (next the sea) to the vine hanging from the branch to your right. Continue jumping on the next few branches, and swinging to your left
    • It’s stuck: Chapter 20, Climb back down. Grab the bar to the left and move it to the right until it stops below it. You will be able to grab a chain that you cannot see by jumping off the bar. The egg will fall on the bar.
    • Urban Exploration Chapter 24: Lift the box. Let the elevator descend while you take the box out. The elevator will then be brought back up. You can jump straight onto the top of the elevator. You will find a rope on the left side. Grab the rope, and the egg will drop.
    • Alone In the Dark Chapter 15 – Once you have completed the elevator puzzle, a large ladder will appear. Instead of climbing it climb straight into the dark. Jump to your right when you feel yourself walking in water.
    • Climbing a Cog Chapter 16 – Here you will need a box that can be lifted up to a lever for a cog turn. To claim the egg, you can climb to the right and over the stationary.
    • Backtracking Chapter 30: Get that beast out of your head. You will need the boxes to climb back up after you have beaten the first one. There will be a ladder visible. You can climb it. You will find your egg if you move a little to the right.
    • Guided By Sparks Chapter 32: Once you have walked all the way to your right and the world has stopped moving, you will see a falling box on the right side. After climbing up the box, jump onto the platform on your left (difficult to see due to the shadow). Then, jump to your right. The egg will be directly visible to your right.
    • Below Ground: Chapter 21. Climb under the next elevator. (Go to the edge, and push down. Jump to the right while hanging to grab a rope, and climb down
    • Going up Chapter 23 – When you enter the first gravity altering area, quickly run to the left and fall (upwards). You will then reach a section that allows you to open a drawer from which an egg and a pen can be taken out.
    • Credit where credit is due: When you complete the game, the Achievement will appear.
    • There’s No Use in Dying. You can only die five time in one sitting without saving or resuming your life later.
    • DING! – Check out this video guide

Limbo Achievements Guide Descriptions

These are the accomplishment descriptions.

    • Wrong Method: This is not right
    • Attitude: Exploration from the Ground
    • It’s Stuck – Prepare for a dry landing
    • Urban Exploration – Heavy lifting
    • Alone in Dark: Under the arthropod
    • Climbing the Cog – Don’t pull the lever because you can
    • Backtracking – Ride the crates
    • Guided By Sparks The crate holds the key
    • Below Ground: Vertical passageway
    • Going up: Do not let gravity hold you back
    • Credit where credit is due Perseverance has its own rewards
    • No point in dying: Play the entire game in one go with five deaths or less
    • DING! – Unning off will get to you nowhere