Looks like Overwatch is gearing up for a move to shareware

It’s a joy for cheaters, smurfs and all other types of cheaters. And with the premium model as dirt.

In one sentence, modern video games and premium distribution are getting worse. This is due to several factors: the growing pressure for free play (games are distributed informally for free but require in-game monetization), the popularity of subscription services such as Xbox, and finally, the ever-growing appetite from publishers who invest in their video games, which can lead to prices up to ten thousand dollars.

Some of the most popular games switched to shareware to preserve their popularity. Overwatch is another of those games that have succumbed to similar problems. It’s at least transparent. The Snitch insider who leaked nearly all of the announcements from July State of Play previously, deserves a credit for creating a gaming journalism environment.

You can also find announcements and apologies on the internet.

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It is not available right now to provide more information about Overwatch. Overwatch 2 is currently under active development, which will in theory replace the original. It is not known when the original will be released. This audience is growing for reasons that I don’t need to explain to fans.