Maquette Walkthrough

Maquette Walkthrough & Speedrun – The Maquettes, The Gateways and The Wedge. The Escape, The Escape, The Spiral & The Exchange.


Maquette Walkthrough – The Maquette Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Walkthrough. You will earn The Maquette Trophy if you complete The Maquette in less than 4 minutes 10 seconds. However, you can also earn the Earlier Dates Trophy if you complete The Maquette in under 4 minutes. This speedrun/walkthrough by PS5Trophies will earn you both trophies.

These trophies can be unlocked by following these steps:

  • The Gardens: Completed
  • TL;DR Gardens: Completed the Gardens in 3 minutes
  • Completed the Maquette
  • Maquette completed in less than 4 minutes and 10 seconds
  • The Gateways: Completed
  • Triumphant Days: The Gateways were completed in under 4 minutes and 35 seconds
  • The Wedge: Completed
  • You’re done! Complete the Wedge in less than 9 minutes and 50 seconds
  • The Escape: The Escape is Completed
  • Stressing Escape: The Escape was completed in under four minutes and twenty seconds
  • Completed the Spiral
  • Riding the Spiral – Completed the Spiral in under 6 minutes 40 seconds
  • Completed: The Exchange
  • Boosting the Pillars – Completed the Exchange in under 5 minutes and 25 secs
  • The Conclusion: A Completed Maquette