Meizu Unveils PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Starship Wireless Headphones

Meizu has announced the launch of a wireless earbud called PANDAERXOG Platinum Starship. This spaceship is unique in its design.



The touch control area of the headphones is on the end of a long leg. Headphones are very long. The case is made of a retractable plastic design and can be charged with an additional docking station.

The PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Starship features 12 mm titanium compact diaphragm drivers. The headphones support three modes and eight types of equalizers: electronic, cinema, pop, electronica, jazz, hip-hop, dance, etc. Bluetooth allows the phone to communicate with it.

400 mAh is the battery’s capacity. Battery life is five hours in playback mode and 20 hours when the case is charged. It will take approximately two hours to make the case.


For $439 Yuan, the Platinum Starship PANDAER x Elvis XOG can now be purchased in China.