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Mystic Messenger: How to Get Hourglasses The best methods to earn hoursglasses as well as unlock content such deep route, Deep Route, replay chatroom events and much more


Mystic Messenger How to get Hourglasses – Collect Hearts

You can exchange 1 Hourglass for every 100 Hearts you collect. To earn hearts the only thing you need to do is select the right answer when talking to people who are available. It’s a good strategy particularly if you have the right answers. If you’re curious, you can read an solutions guide. It may take some time however it’s an enjoyable experience and you can be happy and enjoy your farm!


Mystic Messenger How to get Hourglasses – Gather Party Quests

You will receive x1 hourglass for each guest you can invite to your event. To be able to invite guests, all you need to do is respond to the three questions asked in the email right. After that, click in the list of guests (left right side) Click on the guest you would like to invite to your party and then it is possible to redeem the Hourglasses. Also you can refer to the email answer guide is extremely helpful.

Mystic Messenger How to get Hourglasses – Conversations

Out of the three approaches, this is the most unreliable, because the rewards are not guaranteed. It is important to remember that if you choose the most appropriate options for your responses, you’ll get more Hourglasses. In this scenario, what you must do is master the different routes for the various characters We suggest that you study the following routes in the following walkthroughs: V, 707 Jaehee Yoosung Zen, Junin

All of these are known methods of generating hourglasses. We suggest you concentrate on the two first methods, however, having a basic understanding of the third one won’t harm either and you should try it.

Why do you require glasses?

It is an extremely important resource, since it is required to block blocked content within the game like The Deep Route.

It is important as you’ll need it in order to playback the chatroom’s events texts, messages, or calls that you might miss through the application.


We wish you luck, it may take a while to collect all the hourglasses that you need We hope following our advice, your farming experience will be a bit easier