Minecraft Best Enchantments & How to use them

The best guide to Minecraft Best Enchantments and How to utilize them This is the Minecraft Enchantment Guide, where you’ll find every enchantment available in Minecraft and also the Minecraft most effective enchantments that you have ever had the pleasure of seeing!


Minecraft Best Enchantments – Tier S

They are among the top enchantments in Minecraft They are extremely efficient and beneficial, if you If you try them, you’ll see their effectiveness.


  • Frost Walker: It’s not the greatest necessity but it’s nice. transforms water into Ice.
  • Silk Touch: Use it on an instrument, you’ll gain more tools.
  • Infinite allows you to send endless arrows
  • Efficiency: mining (faster).
  • Unbreaking: equipment unbreaking

Minecraft Enchantment Table

Table of Enchantment is required or an Anvil, here is the formula for crafting:

  • None | Book | None
  • Diamond | Obsidian | Diamond
  • Obsidian | Obsidian | Obsidian

Obsidian location: the point where the lava meets the water (use netherite or diamond pickaxes)

Minecraft Enchantment Book

How do you make an anvil?

  • Block of Iron | Block of Iron | Block of Iron
  • None | Iron Ingot | None
  • Iron Ingot | Iron Ingot | Iron Ingot

It is possible to make blocks of iron using the nine ingots of iron (smelt iron ore using the campfire or furnace)

  • Looting You can find them in temples and stronghold chests
  • Fishing Fishing: fishing in an uncanny book (as as a treasure)
  • Magical: (how to create an enchanted book using three lapiz lapiz lapiz). You don’t require an enchantment table.
  • Trading is where you can purchase Emeralds from librarians and villagers. You can find emeralds inside chests and it is possible to mine the ore using an iron pickaxe, or even better (Emerald ore is located near the lava).

Minecraft Best Enchantments – Axe

The best minecraft enchantment available for Axes. Use them since they are essential.


  • Smite: attack (against undead)
  • Efficiency: mining (faster)
  • Unbreaking: durability (improved)
  • Silk Touch: mined blocks (stay in their original form)
  • Sharpness: attack (improved)
  • Mending Equipment (xp mends)
  • Fortune Drops (increased with mining)
  • The Curse Vanishing A cursed object disappears (after the death of you)
  • the bane Arthropods (attack) (against insects)

Minecraft Best Enchantments – Sword

Use these enchantments to enhance your sword

  • the bane Arthropods Attack (against insects)
  • Mending Equipment (xp mends)
  • Sharpness: attack (improved)
  • Smite: attack (against undead)
  • Unbreaking: durability (improved)
  • Fire Aspect: target > aflame
  • Knockback Attack knockback (increased)
  • Edge: Sweeping Edge Sweeping attack (increased)
  • Looting Loot drops (increased)

Minecraft Best Enchantments – Pickaxe

It could be one of the most important enhancements to the game

  • A Curse for Vanishing The item that is cursed disappears (after the death of you)
  • Fortune Drops (increased with mining)
  • Efficiency: mining (faster)
  • Unbreaking: durability (improved)
  • Mending Equipment (xp mends)
  • Silk Touch: mined blocks (stay in the original form)

Minecraft Best Enchantments – Bows

The most effective magical enchantments is endless and is rated as one of the top

  • Infinite Arrows that are infinite
  • Flame Arrows (fires that are flaming)
  • A Curse for Vanishing The item that is cursed disappears (after death)
  • Power Damage (improved)
  • Punch Attack knockback (increased)
  • Unbreaking: durability (improved)
  • Mending Equipment (xp mends)

Minecraft Best Enchantments – Armor

The following listing of armor-enchanting items brings together the armor pieces that are able to be used on:

  • Unbreaking: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – durability (improved)
  • Curse of Vanishing: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – cursed item vanishes (after you die)
  • Mending: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – equipment (xp mends)
  • Aqua Affinity Helmet – speed of mining underwater (increased)
  • Respiration helmet – breathing underwater duration (increased)
  • Blast Protection: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – explosion damage (reduced)
  • Curse of Binding: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – cursed item (blocked)
  • Fire Protection: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – fire damage (reduced)
  • Depth Strider: Boots – underwater motion (increased)
  • Feather Falls Boots – the fall and teleportation damage (decreased)
  • Projectile Protection: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – projectile damage (decreased)
  • Protection: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – attacks, fire, and falling (protection)
  • Thorns: chestplate>helmet>leggings>boots – damage attackers
  • Frost Walker: boots – put water under the feet (get frozen)
  • Soul Speed Boots that move over the soul’s sand, soil and souls (increased)

Hoe Enchantments

  • A Curse for Vanishing A cursed object disappears (after death)
  • Mending equipment (xp mends)
  • Unbreaking: durability (improved)

Shovel Enchantments

  • Efficiency: mining (faster)
  • Fortune Drops (increased with mining)
  • Mending Equipment (xp mends)
  • Silk Touch: blocks mined (stay in their original form)
  • Unbreaking: durability (improved)

Trident Enchantments

The list of trident-enchanted spells


  • Loyalty after you throw the dice (returns it to you)
  • Channeling Once thrown a at a trident, it strikes an mob (summons lightning)
  • Riptide: (throwing a trident) > pushes the player forward
  • Impaling: aquatic mobs (extra damage)
  • Unbreaking: durability (improved)
  • Mending Equipment (xp mends)
  • The Curse Vanishing The item that is cursed disappears (after the death of you)

Minecraft Best Enchantments – Videoguide

If you are unsure, then you should also go through this video tutorial on YouTube MLGLOL80