Minecraft celebrates Lightyear. DLC with Buzz now available

The makers of Minecraft have decided to mark the debut of the new Pixar film at cinemas with the release of a brand new and sparkling theme. The movie is already named Lightyear. It’s ready to be bought on the market for a price of 340 mincoin, or at the price of the store that is 7.99 euros.

Play the role of Buzz Lightyear and go through the thrilling world of Buzz Lightyear to shield your family and your crew from the fiery attack of the Zurgs. Star Command gadgets and vehicles from Space Ranger will aid you to understand the threats from the alien world TKani Prime and lead your spacecraft to victory , according to the official description.

The DLC describes how the hero’s beginnings were derived from five missions. He was spotted in jungle as well as a mine, swamp and was colonized with the help of the alien world TKani Prime. In order to help him, we are thinking of that the various equipment ei comes with to play Space Rangers, of which we have a peek in the trailer utilized at the time of news. We’d like to point out that at the time we write this, the DLC Lightyear is currently not available on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch, but it is expected to be released on the online store for the hybrid console in the near future.

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