Myth of Empires how to Tame a Horse?

How to Tame Horses: The Myth of Empires Learn all about horses: Catch Horse, Tame Horse, and Ride a Taught Horse

Myth of Empires – How to Tame Horses – Catch Horses

These are the steps you need to take in order to get a horse.

  1. Click on crafting recipes (press P). > Go to Subdue Soldiers and learn Tamed Horse
  2. Craft x2 Coarse Rein
  3. To carry the coarse rein, place it in an empty slot on the shortcut bar (bottom)
  4. You will need to remove your armor quickly
  5. Approach the horse from behind. Crouch down, and slowly go.
  6. If the E key is not available, press it. Run after the horse if he runs away.

Tip: While it is more difficult to use a Coarse Dry Fodder bait, eating it will make you less vulnerable.

Myth of Empires – How to Tame a Horse

The best horse taming strategy to handle hihg level horses

  1. Place the horse in a room that has a hihg entrance
  2. If you have trouble taming the horse, leave the room and wait for about two minutes.
  3. You can tame your horse again

During the taming stage:

  • Rage bar: If the bar is full, the horse will attempt to knock you out
    • Fill slowly: Don’t press any key
    • Fill quickly: You can steer the horse
  • Mini-game (rage bar = full). Press the right or the left mouse button as instructed by the game.
  • Taming points bar: Fill the bar to tame your horse

Myth of Empires – How to Tame a Horse. – Ride a Horse

These are the steps for riding a tamed pony:

  1. Learn the Basic Saddle: Inventory – Subdue Soldiers
  2. Make a Coarse Light Saddle – Inventory (P) > Crafting Queue
  3. Approach the horse, and then press E to open the inventory.
  4. Place the Coarse Light Saddle (right) on the horse’s Item Bar
  5. Press E on the horse by approaching it.

Video Guide

If you have any questions about horse taming, check out this video guide by SolutOdka.