NBA 2KTV Episode 12 Answers

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NBA 2KTV Episode 12 Answers: All the Answers

These are the Episode 12 Answers.


  1. Question: In what year did 2KTV broadcast its first episode?
    Answer: 2014
  2. Question: Against which team did Ja Morant achieve his first triple-double?
    Answer: Wizards
  3. Question: In which season did Ja Morant appear?
    Answer: Season 5
  4. Question: What did Ja Morant think his 2KTV rookie year rating should have been?
    Answer: 99
  5. Question: In which season of 2KTV was Tiago Splitter interviewed?
    Answer: Season 1
  6. Question: Who was 2KTV’s first guest?
    Answer: Kevin Durant
  7. Question: Against which team did Ja Morant score a playoff-record 47 point win?
    Answer: Jazz
  8. Question: Who was the first 2KTV Halloween special interviewee?
    Answer: Javale McGee
  9. Question: Ja Morant played college basketball in which country?
    Answer: Murray State
  10. Question: How many active athletes hail from Ja Morant’s alma mater Murray State?
    Answer: 2
  11. Question: Ja Morant was just like the NBA’s greatest basketball player, South Carolina?
    Answer: Kevin Garnett
  12. Question: Who were the interviewees for our 200th episode of The Player?
    Answer: Shaquille O’Neal
  13. Question: In which season did 2KTV air our 2KTV Uninterrupted series of programming?
    Answer: Season 7
  14. Question: Who was the first 2KTV Thanksgiving Special interviewee?
    Answer: Festus Ezeli
  15. Question: Which ex-NBA player took part in the Chris Webber Invitational during Season 6 of 2KTV?
    Answer: Nate Robinson
  16. Question: Season 6 of 2KTV. Who won a game between LD2K and Eric Pashcall in NBA 2K?
    Answer: Eric Paschall
  17. Question: Who was the Season 1 regular-season finale interviewee?
    Answer: John Wall
  18. Question: Which one of the following was on the NBA All-Rookies first team?
    Answer: All of Them
  19. Question: Vote on your favorite #2KTVWOW play of the week.
    Answer: Answer

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