Neon White will visit the world in six minutes

Neon White is an excellent shooting partner (pic by Annapurna Interactive).

Donut County’s creator presents a beautiful combination of platformers and shooters. Weapons and movements can be tied to cards.

Fastrunning has grown in popularity, and more games are learning how to sprint fast. Ghostrunner, Superhot and Demon Turf all have been created to make the perfect course.

Thrill of execution.

Ben Esposito, a Donut County developer, said that Neon White was inspired and showed a fascination with speed runners. The first 10 stages are a sprint. You cross the platform, shoot enemies and it’s over in 60 seconds, even at a slower pace. Neon White cannot beat a level, but can find the fastest routes to reduce precious seconds and get better rewards, medals, and the thrill of execution.

The story is complete with this fight for perfection. You live in Heaven and are a blind assassin called White from Hell. Your Neon score is more like a medal. It determines how far you progress in your competition. Repeat runs through levels are required. You should avoid time-saving tasks and find shortcuts that can be overlooked quickly.

Your attacks and movement are divided into different types of cards. Cards that represent other weapons, such as pistols, machine guns, and rifles can also be picked up. These cards can be used to either shoot enemies or activate an alternate special ability that is only available if the card has been discarded. A pistol will give you a jump when it is discarded. While a gunman can throw a huge bomb to help with the project and either destroy or propel your enemies to higher platforms, You can do both, if you’re smart.

Neon White gets players excited about making choices and finding the right rhythm. You will need to learn to manage the different abilities of several players and jump from shooting to diving to riding off demons in order to reach the right place with your money. It’s not difficult to get yourself into a corner if you fire too many bullets to loose a card that will drive, or jump. However, the levels are high enough to benefit from, and restarts are more complicated than punishment.

Smart rewards for repeat running are not offered because there is less chance of frustration. You win the next phase if you have regained the pound. This unlocks better medals, ghost AI players who can show faster routes, as well as the chance to unlock hidden collectables which will unlock side quests. This level is an excellent negotiator. From the jump to the spiked arenas, to the stage that fades away completely from your moves, it’s a true negotiator.

Neon White becomes a thrilling rush as the levels get more complex. There are bosses, enemies and platforming gauntlets that require fluid precision sprints. You will need to earn gold medals to improve your life. However, you must also make it easier to spot a spot that might not be useful to many enemies. You are constantly scanning the environment to find the best way through. At the same time, you plan the perfect sequence to use your weapons and abilities.

It is extremely satisfying to watch this dance through Heaven. The levels are not visually limited but the bright attack effects, anime-style characters, and flashy overlays on your cards make everything look fast and visual rich. It all looks balanced and doesn’t distract even when you speed-break cards.

Neon White is great until someone starts talking (pic: Annapurna Interactive).

Neon White is a stylish and witty speaker who never fails to grab attention. Each level features text exchanges between White, and other characters. These may include voices from a cast that could be used in anime shows such as Cowboy Bebops Steve Blum.

Tone and dialogue can often be distorted to fit anime tropes. It is so awkward and creepy that it doesn’t seem like enough to keep the mind occupied. This may be a personal preference, and these scenes can be skipped, but Neon White’s stunningly clear visual execution is incompatible to these smarmy or obnoxious interactions.

This is unfortunate as Neon White has put so much effort into his characters and world. Talking to demons can be a great way to offer them luxurious gifts for their unique characters, such as Persona. There are many designs available, from angelic talk cats with cigars to masked assassins. Although there are many people who want to find something interesting, the annoying dialogue limits their potential.

It isn’t good enough to stop Neon White from being one of the best, most stylish, and most addictive games of the year. Although it may be a bit too loud, this magnetic ballet is easy to overlook when a man with all the switching pranks (jumps, hats, bullets) is at his heart. It is an amazing experience that you will want to repeat, regardless of your speed.


The perfect combination of platformer and first-person shooter.

It is simple, fun and complex to understand the mechanics of a card’s movement and attacks. Beautiful design with lots of replay value. The most memorable features are the very clean visuals and electro music.

Cons: The character dialogue can be cheated and annoying. There is much discussion.

Formats: PC (reviewed) and Nintendo SwitchPrice: 1.99Publisher: Annapurna InteractiveDeveloper: Angel MatrixRelease Date: 16th June 2022Age Rating: 12-12.