New Look at Dead The Battle of the Kandar Mountains

The first glimpse of Evil Dead: The Castle of The Game is now released, along with information about the update that will be announced soon.

I’m curious if 2022 could have been the biggest surprise of all. Evil Dead: The Game is, without doubt, an intriguing mystery. More exciting was it’s the Evil Dead series, with an extremely active community that surrounds it, and what it was.


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The community has been waiting for the next update to get the game going and finally taken a closer view of the map in the latest update which is Castle Kandar. The map that was the first postlaunch of the game was designed by the Saber Team, but there was an opportunity to see conceptual art within the region.

The two images that are shared do not give more details regarding the map, other than that it will take place during the night. It’s one of the public display – that will show what happens throughout the tunnel. There’s nothing more to be done and the concept art will give us some idea of what we can look forward to from this location.

The map shows Ash lying in a cave just outside the castle, which is where he slept in the dark. Also, we see an area that’s evidently an homage to the Pit that is already present in the game through the final single-player quest which carries the player’s actions against the title “Pit Bitch”.

Incredibly, Saber Team refers to this update as the “Army of Darkness”, meaning it’s more than only an update to the Castle Kandar map. With most of the Army of Darkness characters being thoroughly researched within the game, but only Stella is being considered, it’s probable that she’ll be added as a fresh survivor in the map.

Saber confirms that further details about the date for an update are “going soon”, having previously stated that it would be available in the summer.