New tasks related to Galar raids and legendaries

New tasks that are related with Galar legendaryaries and raids The deadline for July Pokemon Go. The information was gathered from the game’s code from Pokeminers.

New tasks that are related with Galar Legendaries and Raids

Information gathered from the game’s code by Pokeminers This information deals winning raids that earn one or more stars and potential rewards that are special.

Also! as a truly unique event, there is a chance to get something legendary items from Galar When is it? Here’s the information:

  • New tasks associated with raids:
    • Get a chance to win a raid of two stars or more
    • Get two raids with 3 stars or more.
    • Get a chance to win a raid of three stars or greater
  • Error messages for only face-to-face raids.
  • A new feature will let you purchase tickets (in an limited manner) to your loved ones at a discount
  • price if you’ve purchased the ticket.
  • Option to block payments tickets from being sent to you.
  • Pokedex Entries
    • Galarian Zapdos
    • Moltres: Galarian
    • Articuno: Galarian

Source: PokeMiners

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