New World Hidden Achievements

New World Hidden Achievements Guide – This guide reveals all the secrets and how to unlock them all


New World Hidden Achievements: Full List

These are the Hidden Achievements or Secrets

  • Death I: Now What Have We Learned? > To die for the first time. That won’t happen again.
  • Death II – Destroyed, But Not Defeated > You seem to enjoy doing this.
  • Supplies Looted I : These Look Lonely. I’ll Take It With Me > Search for your first supplies container
  • Supplies Looted 2: Aeternum Is Truly A Country Of Opportunities > Find 10,000 supplies containers
  • Progress I – Getting to Know My Way Around > Reach Character Level 10
  • Progress II – Coming into My Own > Reach Character Level 20
  • Progress III – Showing What I’m Made of > At character level 30
  • Progress IV – Making a Name for Myself > Reach Character Level 40
  • Progress V – No One Is Pushing me Around > Reach the character level 50
  • Progress VI: What’s the Deal? What else do you have? ! > Reach character level 60
  • PvP kills I: Vengeance Given > You can defeat 500 players
  • PvP kills II: Target-rich Environment > You can defeat 5,000 players
  • PvP kills III: I hope > personally defeats 10,000 other players
  • Gobble Gobble > Kill 100 turkeys
  • Be Very, Very Quiet! Kill 100 rabbits
  • Kill 100 cows
  • Breakfasting with Some Boars > Kill a hundred boars
  • I Was Expecting More From A Menhir > Beat the boss of the Starstone Barrows expedition
  • Commander > Take down the boss of The Depths expedition
  • Problem Child > Beat the boss at the Garden Of Genesis expedition
  • Bullseye > Beat the boss during the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition
  • Dynasty Demolition > Beat the boss during the Dynasty Shipyard expedition

About the New World

As an adventurer shipwrecked in the magical island of Aeternum, you will discover a thrilling open-world MMO. There are endless opportunities to forage, fight, and forge on the island’s ruins and wilderness. You can channel supernatural forces and wield deadly weapons in a real-time, classless combat system. You can fight alone or with small teams for PvE or PvP battles.

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