Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Vista Locations

Ni no Kui Cross Worlds Vista locations – We have all their locations


You will find three observation platforms, three purple columns that rise above the ground, and three treasure chests in each region of Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds. The points activate and a stunning panorama of the area’s landscape appears. Players are eligible for a reward (energy drinks or certificates), as well as an improvement in character performance (increased combat strength).

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Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Vista locations – Full list

There are 36 vistas. These are all locations.

  • Southern Heartlands Vista Locations- Starting Level
    • The World Keeper’s Nest
    • Zephyr Station
    • Amazing Uncle Autumn’s Garden
  • Eastern Heartlands Vista Locations – Level 10
    • Ancient Ruins
    • Sulfur Mine
    • Ignis’s Nest
  • Golden Grove Vista Locations – Level 20
    • Spring of Life
    • Mushroom Tree
    • Fairy Village
  • Serene Forest Vista Locations Level 30
    • Big Mushroom Swamp
    • Stone Pillar Marsh
    • Heart of the Forest
  • Allegra Plateau Vista Locations – Level 40
    • Barren Plateau
    • Sky Pirate Headquarters
    • Hot Spring Area
  • Cloudcoil Canyon Vista Locations – Level 45
    • Thorny Cliff
    • Sandy Dock
    • Dreamland
  • Winter Wonderland Vista Locations-Level 55
    • Heat Tree
    • Yule
    • Frosted Tree
  • Glittering Grotto Vista locations – Level 60
    • Ancient Technology Lab
    • Lab Advanced Base Vista
    • Glacial Palace Vista
  • Burning Desert Vista Locations – Level 70
  • Witch’s Woods Vista Locations–Level 75
    • Quiet stream
    • Felicia Magic Academy
    • Crystal cave
  • Woebegone Wilds Vista Locations – Level 80
    • Statue of Heroes
    • Shrine of Water
    • Shrine of Fire
  • Rainbow Valley Vista Locations-Level 85
    • Rainbow Ore Quarry
    • Shrines of Light & Darkness
    • Waivro Village

You can refer to the next section if you have difficulty finding the explanations. This video guide is in the same order that our list.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds Vista locations – Video Guide

This playlist is from FreeMMOStation and can help you find the most beautiful vistas. This playlist is also available as a video guide. Once you’re done watching the video, you can adjust the region by clicking the bottom right.


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