Niantic increases Pokemon Go storage capacity before Go Fest 2022

Pokemon Go players received a surprise before Go Fest 2022 which would allow them the opportunity to participate in the event. Niantic revealed that they had purchased a Pokemon and a 12-inch storage container. They have been upgraded by 450, and will get a third boost 50 at the beginning of the Gofest.

This allows players to store more than 6000 Pokemon or 5000 items. It is important to remember that even the oldest players have enough storage space.

I had a different generation of Pokemon and other items. There was also a newer generation with more than 50 Pokemon. This was called #PokemonGOFest2022.

Nantic Support (@NanticHelp), June 3, 2022

This storage space can be used to add a bag and a set of coupons. Navigate to the Storage Upgrades section and try the shop in-game. The 50 slots you can buy at once will allow you to add 450 more slots.

This upgrade is for you if you are planning to take advantage the Go Fest and have a large Pokemon collection. You won’t have to give up too many Pokemon to get more space.

Go Fest will be held over the weekend, with its opening on June 4th and continuing through June 5. There are many raids that you can participate in during this event: This includes Pokemon that include a costume-styled Pikachu.

All the storage upgrades will be available when Pokemon Go Fest 2022 begins, as the clock ticks down in the time zone to Juni 4.