Niantic responds to the lack of shiny Pokemon odds for Pokemon Go Fest 2022 believing that too many would adversely affect the general experience

While the Pokemon Go Festival allows players to celebrate the game’s mobile app, not everyone had a great time. Many players complained that they didn’t get as many shiny Pokemon encounters this year, and accused a developer of decreasing the chances.


We know that for some trainers, how many shiny Pokemon they catch is the best way to judge the quality of Pokemon Go. Trainers shared their experiences this year with us, sharing photos of beautiful Pokemon they caught. Two of the other trainers shared their experiences in the opposite direction. It can be a disaster if shiny Pokemon become omnipresent. We received a lot feedback on this issue, so we were taking that into consideration for future events.

Sterankas statements do not address directly, if the current Pokemon Go Fest chance was different from previous ones. The final symphony of Niantic may suggest that they are keeping a quiet moment in this process.

While the past few months haven’t shown this, it is clear that a significant portion of the Pokemon Go community doesn’t like returning to pre-COVID-19 community Day events and prefers to take part in half. Additionally, Niantic seems to be gradually removing beneficial items like the Remote Raid Pass which can be used for participating in raids from anywhere.

Steranka said that Pokemon GO Fest was about people coming together to have fun and try new things like raiding, fighting, and exploring. A person such as us should be able to agree to the idea of an event. What is the total number of items available in-game? This includes raid passes, incense, global challenges, spawns, storyline, etc.

Niantic has made these changes with the idea of bringing back the community and working together. Steranka’s tweet stated that the upcoming Deino Community Event would take place on June 25, according to Steranka.

Unfortunately, Niantic seems to be more concerned with supporting in-person communities than they are supporting online. It was the same for COVID-19’s worldwide blockade in 2020, and then 2021. This became a crucial force.

It’s great to hear this announcement. We wanted to keep the magic of the three hour experience alive while still allowing players to play their games to extend their events if needed. It’s true: you must play for a community – please be careful.