Nihilego arrives at Pokemon Go Fest in 2022 as ultra Wormholes appear worldwide

Many players are close to finishing the Pokemon Go Festival 2022. We have received reports from Pokemon Go about the details of the second. However, we are still not sure what they will be. Already, it is being announced that Nihilegos’ debut on Pokemon Go is the first. It will be available for fetch in five-star raids of the sky, with ultrawamholes.

You can get Nihilego in five star raids if you buy a Pokemon Go Fest 2022 tickets. To help a friend and then take the Beast away, you need to work together. The Ultra Recon Squad is continuing to investigate the numerous aqueous Ultra Wormholes that appear in the sky, as well as the powerful Ultra Beasts associated with them. This will be a unique research event for Pokemon Go Fest.

In the coming months, we can expect many new ultrabests. There are 11 total ultrabests, so players will have many chances to grab their favorites over the coming months. They may appear in the period of go or later in the fall depending on how Niantic plans to handle the storyline in its mobile game.

Global Challenges are held on the second day. To defeat Pokemon in raids during the second day, players will need to earn more virtual currency. Candy and giant Stardust will be awarded for successfully completing raids.

Many players will be starting the second day of Pokemon Go Fest 2022. However, a few players have the opportunity to fly at Nihilego tomorrow and work with the Ultra Recon Squad. This NPC will be returning frequently to discuss a related group of items relating to Ultra Beast.