Nitro Type Hack – Auto Typer, Money, Speed, Accuracy, Garage

Nitro Type Hack and Speed – Auto Typer. Money, Speed, Accuracy. Garage Space. There are hacks for every.


There are many hacks and cheats available, but you won’t know what they are until you read this guide.


Nitro Type Hack – About Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a multiplayer online car racing game in which accuracy and typing speed are key to victory. This means that the race is won by the person who writes faster and more accurately.

Compete with 5 other typers around the globe to improve your typing skills and compete in fast-paced races. You can compete against your friends, get new cars, track your scores and much more… all free!

This is a simple game but it is very popular. There are many cheats and hacks online that can help you get more speed, unlimited money and more.

Although the main recommendation is to improve typing skills, it’s not a good idea to win many races. Keep reading


Nitro Type Hack – Speed Auto Typer

Depending on whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, you will need a different typer.

Windows Speed Hack – Auto Typer

These are the steps for using Auto Typer on Windows PC.

  1. Instal Tampermonkey by going to the Chrome webstore
  2. Install this race.user.js Tampermonkey
  3. Click on the Tampermonkey icon in chrome address bar to verify that Nitro Typer has been enabled
  4. This URL is your guide.
  5. After clicking on the Fetch button for a few seconds, click on Go To Link
  6. After clicking on the Download button, wait a while and then click on the Download Nt button
  7. Extract the Zip File
  8. Launch Nitro Type
  9. Use the Auto Typer bot to place it side-by-side with chrome
  10. Follow the instructions on the Nitro Typer 5.0 Screen

Yes, you can set the following:

  • Typing mode: Single, Multi or Multi
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Number of Nitrogen
  • More

Mac Speed Hack – Auto Typer

These are the steps for using Auto Typer on Mac.

  • Instal Tampermonkey by going to the Chrome webstore
  • Click on the URL to install this script
  • Go to the URL now and download Auto Typer V2
  • Launch Nitro Type
  • Take the Auto Typer V2 Bot and place it side-by-side with chrome
  • The easiest way to change the speed is to set “myspeed” at 300.
  • To alter the accuracy
    • Click on Tampermonkey (Chrome’s Search Bar)
    • Click on “+”.
    • Click on “Edit”
    • For example, find “var accuracy = 100” then change 100 to 98.
    • Click on File
    • Click on “Save”
  • Now click on Nitro Type > Click Race Now > Click Auto Typer V2 Play button > The auto typer will begin typing for you

Nitro Type Hack – Unlimited Garage Space

It costs a lot to purchase a Nitro Type car. The worst part is when you realize that your garage space is very limited. This hack or cheat will make it easy to add more cars to your garage. These are the steps for the Unlimited Garage Space Hack.


  1. Launch Chrome on Windows and Mac
  2. Click the three dots in the top right.
  3. Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager
  4. Click on the three dots at the top of the screen to go to the next screen
  5. Select Add new Bookmark
    • Name: It doesn’t matter what
    • URL: Copy this Javascript code and paste it.
  6. Save
  7. Log in to with your account to receive unlimited Garage Space
  8. Click on the Bookmark Bar, click on the one you have already created (step 5), and then enter the number of garage sections that you would like. Finally, click OK.
  9. Log in and log out again to view the changes
  10. Click on Save to rearrange your cars. You won’t have to do it again.

Nitro Type Hack – Infinite Money

This hack will not work to purchase cars or send them to friends. This hack is for display. This hack and other items can be used to impress your friends. Spend your money without thinking that you are worth billions.

  1. Install the extension Codiy – Code-Adder from Chrome Web Store
  2. Launch Nitrotype
  3. Click on the Codify Icon
  4. Click on the Add Code Tab
  5. You can find the three codes here (*).
  6. There are three codes that you can add. Follow the steps carefully

We hope you find these hacks and cheats useful.

We would love to hear about hacks you have discovered.