No reports of Shiny Axew

Shiny Axew reports are not available for June July Pokemon Go. Shiny Axew disappeared? Stay tuned and come in!

No reports from Shiny Axew

Since the global GO Fest ended June 5, there is no evidence of shiny Axew. It is possible that Niantic made the same mistake as other times, deactivating it again.

Binacle was last deactivated shiny between May 20 and June 4. Axew can be found in GO Battle League and Eggs as well as in the wild.

July Events

We will be attending different events throughout the entire season. Keep our website in your favorites so you can visit it frequently to keep up to date with all the latest events in Pokemon Go. Below is a listing of all the events. To find out more, click the link “click Here” for the event.