Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairy Locations

Nobody Saves the Earth Mana Fairy Places to Find – Every single one of Fairy places and the correct order to locate them


Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairy Locations – 1-10

  • 1st Mana Fairy 1st Mana Fairy Pinkelino: Lost Cape > go to the West from the beginning Lost Cape area to find it in the woods
  • Second Mana Fairy 2nd Mana Fairy Grand Castle > Eliminate all enemies from the cave to the north in the Grand Castle dungeon > Rat form to crawl into the hole
  • 3rd Mana Fairy 3rd Mana Fairy – Trinkets: Wormroot Woods • Reach the small pools of water. Go right , passing through the overhanging trees
  • 4th Mana Fairy 4th Mana Fairy Onion Pie: Wormroot Woods > From the Fast-Travel northward move
  • 5th Mana Fairy – – Trinkets: Dead End’s Cemetery > From Lower Cursehills Fast-Travel point go east until you get to Dead End’s Cemetery > eastern the cliffside
  • 6th Mana Fairy 6th Mana Fairy Pinkelino: Damptonia > Go to the marshy area (south) and look for the fairies southwest of the region
  • 7th Mana Fairy 7th Mana Fairy Knellie: Bloodmoon Grove > go into Bloodmoon Grove from the south and follow the path to the to the west
  • 8th Mana Fairy 8th Mana Fairy Pinkelino: Worship Site > From the Worship Site speedy travel, enter the cave to the north
  • 9th Mana Fairy 9th Mana Fairy Pinkelino: South Sea > Enter Howling Canyon from the Lower Cursehills and swim southwards until South Sea > Eastern Shore > Secret entrance
  • 10th Mana Fairy – Onion Pie Damptonia > the far south region of Damptonia flying over an island of a tiny size

Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairy Locations – 11-20

  • 11th Mana Fairy – – Trinkets: New Oldtown > Explore the area of water towards the west, which is near the house
  • 12th Mana Fairy 12th Mana Fairy Knellie: Ancestral Forest > to the left of the entrance of the Tower of Atonement dungeon Swim into a small lake and take the river towards the north
  • 13th Mana Fairy 13th Mana Fairy Knellie: Lower Cursehills > From Worship Site Fast-Travel go south towards Lower Cursehills > Go south
  • 14th Mana Fairy Pinkelino: Ancestral Forest You can access to the Ancestral Forest area from the Royal Territories and follow the direction north. into the cave
  • 15th Mana Fairy – Onion Pie: Rustrock Barren > on a ledge that is located just to the NE from the Rustrock Barren Fast Travel. Access the fairy from the east part of Ancient Robot
  • 16th Mana Fairy – Onion Pie: Rustrock Barren located in a cave to the northwestern in the Ancient Robot dungeon
  • 17th Mana Fairy – Trinkets Shadowlands > leave Rustrock Barren in the far northwest corner and head east and north
  • 18th Mana Fairy – – Trinkets: Tarview Lake > From Mutown Fast Travel Point, proceed south, then west and then south out of the cave
  • 19th Mana Fairy – Onion Pie: Tarview Lake > swim towards the South into Tarview Lake > enter the cave
  • 20th Mana Fairy – Onion Pie Cloud Canyon > From Mutown head east until Cloud Canyon area > Go through the cave area West > South > the lever of the barrier north. Then, inside the house.

Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairy Locations – 21-30

  • 21st Mana Fairy 21st Mana Fairy Pinkelino: Meadow Valley > Go into Meadow Valley, go north and east. North at the fork, then east to defeat foes
  • The 22nd Fairy The 22nd Mana Fairy – Gifts Meadow Valley > At the entry point of Meadow Valley from Octavia’s Lab proceed West until the dead end
  • 23rd Mana Fairy 23rd Mana Fairy Knellie: East Meadow Trail > Swim to the East on an island
  • 24th Mana Fairy 24th Mana Fairy Pinkelino: Stonefish Village > the far northwestern part of the Stonefish Village area
  • 25th Mana Fairy 25th Mana Fairy Pinkelino: North Sea > From the previous one, go south west towards north to the North Sea, and check the shoreline of the south east
  • 26th Mana Fairy – Pikelino: Deep Jungle > east from Stonefish Village into the Firepit Mountain area > Fast Travel point east > South > Northeastern part of the jungle
  • 27th Mana Fairy – Onion Pie: Firepit Mountain > climb up Firepit Mountain from the west
  • 28th Mana Fairy – – Trinkets: Secret Trail > Northwestertnmost Stonefish Village exit > Go north (swimming)
  • 29th Mana Fairy 29th Mana Fairy Knellie: South Sea > Entrance South Sea from the north > southwest corner
  • 30th Mana Fairy 30th Mana Fairy Knellie: The Sewers > From Wizards Fingers water (near the western meadow trail) Enter any caves Explore the north-facing at the northern end of the maze

31-35 Fairy Locations

  • 31st Mana Fairy – Knellie: Shadowlands > shift to the west away from Wizards Tears > from the entry point, go south
  • 32nd Mana Fairy – Trinkets: The Expanse > the far southwest of The Expanse
  • 33rd Mana Fairy – Onion Pie: Groundkeeper’s Grounds north-west away from Groundkeeper’s Grounds Fast-Travel to arrive at the waterfalls, and Find the fairy swimming in the water
  • 34th Mana Fairy – Pinkelino: Corpse Garden > northwest part
  • 35th Mana Fairy 35th Mana Fairy Pinkelino: Corpse Garden From from the Corpse Garden Fast-Travel, go east, then north. tiny inlet towards the west