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Noita Alchemy recipes Wiki – Alchemy refers to the art of mixing substances together. There are many types.


Alchemy is a method of mixing different reagents to create completely new results.


Noita Alchemy Recipes Wiki – Intro

Most of the reagents in Noita are liquid and can be mixed with similar ones or with other solid materials. You can mix them to create new elements that you can use in battles and as abilities. You will learn how to make all of the elements, and be patient. The majority of reactions are caused and exhibited by the player that we control.

The ability to perform these types of reactions will be the first thing a player should have. There are three kinds:

  • Low-damage Wand: Shoots projectiles such as Spark Bolt or Energy Sphere (can reduce powders and silcence)
  • Explosive Word: This spell can be used to cast spells like Bomb or Firebolt (can remove large chunks of terrain and ignite flammable material).
  • Potion – Every time you use it, you might have the chance to modify something to make it more helpful or to harm your enemies.

Wiki Noita Alchemy Recipes – Get Recipes

There are base ingredients, catalysts, and some ingredients (marked *) that are not used in the transformation process.

  • (evaporates).: Base) Acid + (Catalysts). Teleportatium > A small amount teleportatium evaporated large volumes of acid.
  • Alchemic Precursor Three ingredients are generated randomly on each seed.
  • Ambrosia (+ Poison): (Base) Honey + (Catalysts) Diamond
  • Berserkium : (Base), Whiskey + Catalysts), Frog Meat (corpse a Konna/ Jattikonna).
  • Brass (+Smoke): Base) Copper + (Catalysts). Teleportatium
  • Chaotic Polymorphine (Base), Polymorphine + Catalysts Toxic Sludge*
  • Chaotic HTMLmorphine: (Base), Toxic Sludge + Catalysts, Polymorphine*
  • Concentrated Mena: (Base), Water + (Catalysts), Concentrated Mana*> > Water + Toxicsludge > More water. You can do. Toxic Sludge to water then Water to Concentrated Mana
  • Copper (+ Smoke).: (Base), Silver + (Catalysts), Polymorphine
  • Smoke: (Base), Silver + Copper + (Catalysts), Blood
  • Draught from Midas : (Base), Alchemic Precursor + Catalysts Meat
  • Freezing Vapour: (Base) Teleportatium / Unstable Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Fire
  • Fire – (Base) Teleportatium/Unstable Teleportatium + Catalysts Concentrated Mana* > The fire can be used to transform parts of the Teleportatium in Freezing Vapour.
  • Flummoxium (Base), Worm Pheromone + Catalysts, Worm Blood
  • Fools gold: (Base), Urine + (Catalysts), Lava
  • Guiding powder: (Base), Unstable Teleportatium+ (Catalysts), Flummoxium
  • Gunpowder (active) (Base), Acceleratium/Levitatium/Hastium + (Catalysts), Slime > If you are in contact with a pool potion, this can and will cause you to die
  • Gunpowder (active) (Base) Lively Concoction + Purifying Powder
  • Hastium – (Base), Acceleratium + Catalysts), Levitatium > Provides both potion effects but for half the time.
  • Levitatium – (Base), Metal Powder (Gold/ Copper/ Brass/ Silber/ or Diamond + (Catalysts). Flummoxium
  • Living Concoction Three ingredients are randomly generated for each seed. (See #more information below)
  • Metal Dust + Smoke: (Base), Brass + (Catalysts), Unstable Teleportatium
  • Mysterious Fungus – (Base Fungus Blood (evaporates quickly) + (+ (Catalysts), Toxic Sludge or Sand
  • Mysterious Fuguus: (Base), Mysterious Funguus + (Catalysts), Toxic Sand or Sludge
  • Peat (Base), Swamp + (Catalysts), Toxic Sludge
  • Pheromone: (Base) Flummoxium + (Catalysts) Berserkium
  • Purifying powder: (Base), Brass + (Catalysts), Diamond
  • Purifying powder (+ smoke): (Base), Diamond + Silver + (Catalysts), Worm Blood
  • Rotten Meat: (Base) Meat + (Catalysts) Poison
  • Salt : (Base), Brine + (Catalysts), Fire
  • Shock Powder: (Base) Brass + (Catalysts) Liquid Fire
  • Slime Mist : (Base), Slime + (Catalysts). Water*
  • Silver (+Smoke): Base) Diamond + (Catalysts). Chaotic Polymorphine
  • Silver (+Smoke): (Base), Gold (Powder), + (Catalysts), Chaotic Polymorphine
  • Silver (+Smoke): (Base Copper + brass + (Catalysts). Water
  • Slime (+Smoke) (Base), Blood + (Catalysts), Poison
  • Slime mist: Base) Slime + Catalysts
  • Smoke – (Base), Slime + (Catalysts), Whiskey*
  • Smoke : (Base), Cement + (Catalysts), Lava > Both liquid and solid forms of cement will react.
  • Smoke: (Base) Peat + (Catalysts) Lava
  • Steam : (Base), Any metal + (Catalysts). Concentrated Mana* * > Useful for the later biomes in which steel is more prevalent. This applies to both gold nuggets and powder gold.
  • Swamp – (Base) Toxic sludge + (Catalysts] Mud* This can be used as a replacement for water but the peat that grows on top is not as effective.
  • Swamp – (Base) Toxic sludge + (Catalysts Swamp*) This can be used for large quantities of swamp from sludge pools.
  • Teleportatium (Base), Unstable Teleportatium+ (Catalysts), Slime > An Unstable Teleportatium can quickly transform the newly created Teleportatium into Unstable, unless very few Unstable are used.
  • Teleportatium : (Base), Water + (Catalysts), Wizard stone
  • Unstable: (Base), Flummoxium + Catalysts Oil and Blood
  • Unstable teleportatium : (Base), Teleportatium + Catalysts Whiskey*
  • Unstable Teleportatium: (Base) Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Unstable Teleportatium*
  • Void Fluid: (Base), Toxic Sludge + Catalysts Worm Blood and Fungus Pulse
  • Void: (Base), Diamond + (Catalysts), Chaotic Polymorphine+ Toxic Slough
  • Water – (Base), “Impure” + Catalysts Purifying Powder*
  • Water – (Base) Invisiblium+ (Catalysts), Water* > Making water doubly hazardous for players using Invisiblium
  • Water : (Base), Toxic Sludge + Catalysts Water* > This is used to make large quantities of water from sludge pools.
  • Worm Blood: (Base) Freezing Liquid + (Catalysts) Worm Blood*

Some less-useful mixes:

  • Steam > Fire + Water
  • Ice > Water + Freezing Liquid
  • Rock >> Water + Lava
  • Dense Rock > Freezing Liquid + Lava
  • Toxic rock (causes injury on contact) > Toxic sludge + lava
  • Poisonous Rock (similar Toxic Rock). > Poison + lava
  • Volcanic Rock Blood + Lava
  • Ground > Mud + Lava
  • Glowing Matter >> Brine + Lava

A Living Concoction

This powerful potion heals more than Healthium.

Alchemic Precursor

Unsinkable reagent to create the Draught of Midas.