Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

All valid Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes are in one updated List – Roblox Games By Green Titans Entertainment(tm). – These codes can be used to get in-game cash, money boosts and exclusive items such as the M4A1 ACOG

Oil Warfare Tycoon codes – Full list

These codes can be used to get in-game money or cash boosts, money boosts and exclusive items such as the M4A1 ACOG

Both active and valid codes

These are the most current codes:


  • 50M – Code reward > 50 minutes Double Cast Boost (New).
  • Bluebird – Code reward > Double Cash Bonus
  • Weekend : Code reward > Double Cash Boost
  • TweetUp: Code reward > Double cash Boost
  • GoinUp Code Reward > Double Cash Boost
  • Stonks – Code reward > 10 mins of x2 money or cash boost
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  • Next code: 75,000 likes

We don’t create the codes. We only search for them and place them in a list we update with every new code. Don’t forget to get your Roblox gift!

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Codes that are expired

There are no expired codes currently

  • APRILFIRST: Code reward > 100,000 in-game Cash
  • BigBucks – Code reward > $100,000 In-Game Cash
  • MoneyPrinter: Code reward > 50k in-game cash or death
  • POWERUP – Code reward > Upgrade some stuff (lower level)
  • BigBoom: Code reward > sniper rifle
  • TrickOrTreat: Code reward > 25k in-game cash or death

Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes: How to Redeem?

To claim your freebies, click on the bird (twitter symbol) located to the right of the cash counter (right-side of the screen). Enter the codes in the new tab and then press redeem.


You can’t find the buttons? Check out this video by YT Gaming Dan

How to play Oil Warfare Tycoon Roblox Game by Green Titans Entertainment ™

You can build your Tycoon to start a war with an arsenal weapons and vehicles.

50k likes for a new code


Autosaves and Rebirths
All game passes save, even after rebirth.
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This game features Blizzard Helicopters as well as a modified version of ACS Gun System!

Update Log


  • Bunker!
  • New tools and weapons
  • Twitter Codes
  • Armor Vests
  • New background music
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

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Officially released April 22nd, 2021