Olliolli world void riders are perfect to escape the outer limits of skateboards

Olli World: Void Riders is now available for viewing. This timely DLC add-on to Radlandia’s world of Radlandia, one of our favourite games of 2022 is the perfect way for us to get more air.

price on the PlayStation

Void Riders is the first major addition to the classic Roll7-like simulator. Void Riders costs $29.99/99, or the equivalent local price on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Void Riders is now a fully-formed DLC, not an old-fashioned, teeming experience. Players can now enjoy the full swing of an entirely new world of adventures with a February release that was beautifully executed.

Anyone who follows the somewhat psychedelic tale through the Sunshine Valley and beyond will be able to see alien entities called SairRah Khehvyn, Pftangxi and Pftangxi crash into Radlandia. Extraterrestrial troublemakers are extra-steezy. OlliOlli World might be a high stakes shootout to the rails below your board in another game, but it’s not the same as other adventures. Soon after, crowned skate gods will be joined by extortion oopers who will be making a new set of UFO-inspired stalwarts to fulfill the Nebulord’s machinations and bring down this alien threat from the skate park.


The Void Riders creates an extraordinary experience by transforming new tracks, challenges, and rewards into amazing experiences. After completing route 66, players who have completed the majority of the base game content will be able to access the Void Riders DLC. This is thematically appropriate and Radlandia, which is an area that represents the opposite to normal sci-fi shlocks above Area 41. This also ensures that newcomers are equipped with the necessary skills to defeat the Nebulord threat.

The world map shows three new purple eras of interests.

They are easily distinguished from the rest of this relaxed getaway, and the overall tone of Void Riders is maintained. Void Riders gives the series a stronger personality by adjusting the animation and aesthetics that Roll7 has established. Three bipedal-explorers with faces are armed to scour Radlandia. Mike and co may be stylized pastels, but these brightly colored gems would look great in Mardi Gra parades. Vod Riders is a variation on an existing theme, similar to the unorthodox foot soldiers that are trying to break into HEAILNEBULORD any time they can.

The Void’s new tracks transform existing backdrops into an exciting view. The background features the color blue, the blue dragons and the orange and white monsters nest, as well as bright pinatas. These tricks are woven into the modern alien mythos, while the old Eldritch tales remain. This new range of ideas is amazing and has great humor. The base game has charm and is easy to use.


Land mechanics are no longer as complicated as they once were. UFO tractor beam allows its competitors to fly high and use the appropriate analog stick to move. An intelligent idea can be thrown at the current map, but not just to illustrate a problem. Roll7 uses simple systems instead to create a variety of challenges. The timed pinata bash is straight forward and finishes at the end. It’s easy to manage under Labyrinth Zone.

These new experiences, created by existing societies, open the doors to a new world of Hype. You can enter the Void if you master the new tracks. This is an additional iteration of an already existing theme. It increases the thrills a bit. The jumps are more slow and the colors are stronger. The Void isn’t more alien than any of the other new content. It is simply less willing to make mistakes and requires shorter jumps. The familiar thrill of riding backboards over rail will keep you going until the next big jump.

These new experiences are essential to winning the space race.

You will need to have good timing and quick wits. OlliOlli World can be accessed, but it is difficult to master at the top. One push unlocks a completely new mechanic, but there are easy ways to catch more air and land better. This was becoming more important to all. Those who want to see the possibilities of a skateboard should aim for the star to the left. Then, try timing your moves correctly. Void Riders adds a new dimension to a game that is well-known for its nollies. Check out OlliOlli World’s review and visit the official site to learn more.