One Piece Junkensteins Nikki Robin cosplay doesn’t have to summon other hands

One Piece is one of the most beloved anime and anime sagas. There will be more movies and video games. The cosplay world has its own themes, so we have a Nico Robin cosplay.

Nico Robin was one of the Straw Hat crew members. Her power is based upon the ability to invoke both her hands and arms, which allows her to act from many angles and in multiple ways. Junkenstein wasn’t the only one who was involved in special effects. However, the cosplay was flawless and she doesn’t need any other hands to show her love for One Piece.

See the sailorscholars Bunny Bulma, and Goku is more powerful than Ibu Kosa. This is Himiko Toga’s scene by lit.mira, which amazes us with her beautiful golden eyes. We must not forget the cosplay by Camie by Notagaincosplays, who smiles at us. The black costume depicts the Cosplay Elizabeth, a doll.with.gun.

Let us know what you think about Nico Robin’s “Cosplay”. Do you think I have done a good job of recreating One Piece?