OSRS Fishing Training

OSRS Fishing Training– The Fastest Experience Training, Equipment Quests, and Alternative Methods – Old School RuneScape


OSRS Fishing Training – Fastest Experience Training

Old School RuneScape Fastest Training Experience


Levels 1 through 33: Questing

Level 33 will be granted to those who complete Sea Slug, Fishing Contest, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, The Fremennik Trials, and the Pirate Pete subquests of Recipe for Disaster.

Levels 20-47/58 Fly fishing

To catch fish, you will need feathers and a fly fishing rod. You can fish at the Shilo Village fishing spot, which is near a bank. Or you can use the Barbarian Village spot which has a permanent fireplace nearby.

Levels 47-99 : Drift net fishing

Drift net fishing requires Bone Voyage to be able to access the underwater area of Fossil island.

This is the best way to teach both Fishing and Hunter simultaneously.

A merfolk or uncharged trident if the seas is used to chase down fish into drift nets. Stamina potions can be used to replenish and maintain run energy.


Levels 58-99 : Barbarian Fishing

This method provides small amounts of strength and passive agility.

Barbarian Fishing can be done at the pond near Otto’s Grotto. You can quickly reach the spot by using a Games Necklace or Grouping Teleporter to Barbarian Assault.

To be able to leap fish, players must complete part of Barbarian Training. For leaping salmon, you must have level 30 in Agility and Strength. To leap sturgeon, you need to have level 45 in both.

Levels 71-99 – 2-tick harpooning swordfish/tuna

The north-western portion of Piscarilius is where you will find the fishing spots for 2-tick Harpooning. They are just west of the bank. You can quickly reach them by using The fisher’s flute teleporter on the Kharedst’s memoirs (requires completion of The Queen of Thieves).

OSRS Fishing Training Equipment

  • Net fishing: A small fishing net that is not consumable.
  • Bait fishing: A fishing rod and some bait.
  • Fly fishing: Use feathers and a fly fishing rod to catch fish.
  • Harpooning is a method of using a harpoon or your bare hands to complete the Barbarian Training miniquest. It is not consumable. The Barb-tail Harpoon is an alternative to the harpoon that can be used and will save you space.
  • Cage fishing: Not consumable lobster pot
  • Barbarian fishing: Barbarian rods and baits for fishing: feathers, cavia , or fish offcuts.
  • Aerial fishing: Cormorant and usable lures: King worms, fish chunks

OSRS Fishing Training – Quests

  • fishing requirement = 10
  • fishing requirement = 53
  • fishing requirement =
  • fishing requirement = 5
  • fishing requirement = 50
  • fishing requirement =
  • fishing requirement = 62
  • fishing requirement =

OSRS Fishing Training – Alternative Methods

Levels 35–99: Tempoross


Levels 43-99 : Aerial fishing

Another method for training Fishing and Hunter. However, it is not recommended for players who want to get the outfit of an angler.

Levels 62-99: Monkfish

At the Piscatoris Fishing Colony you will need to complete Swan Song as well as a small fishing net


Levels 65-99 Karambwan

You must complete the Bwo Wannai Trio. Karambwan are captured with a karambwan vessel, and raw karambwanji

Levels 75-99 : Swordfish/tuna

Level 75 Fishing and 85 Cooking allow you to use an infernal Harpoon to catch swordfish and tuna with the Fishing Guild


Levels 80-99: Infernal eel

Level 80 Fishing allows you to catch infernal eels in the city of Mor Ul Rek.

Levels 82–99: Minnows

At Kylie Minnow’s Fishing Guild platform, Kylie Minnow has slow experience but good profit.


Levels 82–99: Anglerfish

You can begin catching fish in Port Piscarilius at level 82 Fishing with 100% Port Piscarilius favor (Sandworms required > Tynan’s Fishing Supplies nearby, or the Grand Exchange).

Levels 85-9: Dark crabs

After completing the Wilderness Diary elite tasks, level 85 Fishing allows you to catch dark crabs in the Wilderness Resource Area.


Levels 87-99: Sacred eel

Level 87 Fishing, with partial completion of Regicide quest, allows players to catch sacred eels in Zul-Andra. This gives 105 Fishing xp for each Sacred eel. The fish can be cut with a knife to remove Zulrah’s scales, if it has a Cooking level 72.