OTK Games Expo preludes New Deal With WePlay Esports

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  • Two VR and two advanced technologies can repair large-scale structures.

Yesterday was an important and busy day for OTK Media.

The company hosted the OTK Media Games Expo. There were also 30 independent game development studios that displayed their projects to win up to three thousand dollars or two dollars.

Additionally, the lucky winner won several Razer PC Prizes.

Rich Campbell, Nmplol, and Asmongold founded the expo. Axan Gray was the big winner of the day, and he was voted Neodash for the band’s 20 000 dollar.

RDBK Studios’ third prize was a Routine, which earned RDBK Studios 30 000 dollars in prize money.

OTK was excited to see that other news stories were also posted at the EXPO.



Asmongolds Twitch stream announced that OTK Media had announced a new partnership to We Play Esports, as both a strategic investor, and production partner.

OTK has been granted the right to use WePlays Los Angeles studio as part of this deal. The first broadcast was yesterday’s Game Expo.

WePlay is the only company that can assist OTK Media in making significant improvements to its productions by using its Los Angeles studio. After the opening of a second studio in Kyiv, this is their second studio.

OTK Media explained that it was a deal that included a large plan to improve their content.

He said that we tried to push the envelope higher.

We have an incredible production partner who will help us move forward.

It is far from being the 1-camera establishment, where the company grew from 18 months ago.


OTK Media has a wide range of options for adding movies like Schooled or Parasocial to their existing studio, thanks to the VR and AR capabilities at wePlay Studio Los Angeles.

A company is also working with WePlay on a variety of new shows.

Rich Campbell confirmed his ambitions and told me that he wants to open the OTK doors to all members. There are plans to use the space for mixed-reality events and live shows.

OTK started his business in Austin in Texas in 2010. It competed in World of Warcraft professionally. When they were playing the game, OTK and his wife paid attention to every detail. Both were international companies.

He also runs many other esports such as CS:GO or League of Legends.

The company was looking for an unusual opportunity after the event became very popular among streamers, esports enthusiasts and esports betting fans.