Outriders’ Worldslayer expansion introduces a new type of endgame content

The first expansion, Worldslayer will bring some major changes to the looter-shooter, adding new challenges, upgrading tables and other improvements. Worldslayer will introduce a new type of endgame activity on June 30, beyond the player’s abilities and powers.

People Can Fly showed the Trial of Tarya Gratar in a livestream that took place on June 10,. This is essentially a huge dungeon where players will spend most of endgame time. Outriders have the option to dive into the Trial of Tarya Gratar after the Worldslayercampaign to confront an ever-changing set of enemies.

Outriders can improve their character by pushing further into the dungeon, without having to die too often. The enemies will not make it easy for them. Outriders will earn new gear by pushing deeper into the dungeon (without dying too many times) and eliminating more bosses. The Trial is worth it as it will provide the best way for players to get the expansion’s most valuable loot.

The Trial of Tarya Gratar is more than just a boss race. It also offers Troves, where players can explore off the beaten track and face off against a select group of enemies. Although these Troves can be difficult, each Trove drops a different type of loot. For example, one Trove may drop helmets while another Trove might drop chest armor. This allows players to find loot in Outriders.

As with all content in outriders players can either jump in the Trial of Tarya Gratar as a solo or in a group. They’ll start the Trial at the new base camp that includes all the usual vendors.

The livestream also featured some explosive Pyromancer builds and new loot for the endgame. Each class will receive powerful new items in Worldslayer. Additionally, several Outriderssets that were previously viable will be upgraded to remain functional over the duration of the new expansion.

Outriderswas an amazingly good time in 2021. Worldslayerwill determine if the franchise can grow from good to great.