Outriders Worldslayer: The co-op trailer for the upcoming expansion

In the Summer Game Fest, there was an expansion of the loot shooter Outriders. The trailer reveals the features Worldslayer can offer.


Square Enix released a new trailer to make you more eager for the coming Outriders expansion. The trailer showcases new locations as well as weapons, and various types of destruction.


There’s no mention of the product in the final video. If you’ve already pre-ordered it will be available two days ahead of time. The release date is July 30th, which is good news for those who are planning to purchase the controller on the 28th of June.


Within the PlayStation Store, owners of the main game can earn three hundred thousand dollars when they purchase The Worldslayers expansion. Anyone who does not own Outriders may purchase an loot shooter at six9.99 EUR. With both deals, PS Plus users can reduce ten percent off the retail cost.

Alongside Outriders Worldslayer news:

You can either continue to play in Worldslayer using your Outrider or you’re creating the new version that starts at level 30. You’ll encounter new enemies and will collect new weapons. You will also acquire new equipment and weapons. The other old weapons include PAX class and various mod slots. To play the latter, it’s essential to locate the so-called Apocalypse equipment.

After the ten hours of campaign The fun isn’t finished just yet. The final game lets you to take on the most difficult game in the game for you.

Watch the thrilling trailer right now.

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