Outward Rune Combos guide

Outward Rune Combos – A detailed guide that includes recipes to create the best rune combos and gain more effective effects

Outward Rune Combos Guide – Runes & Intro

You can study Rune Magic from Flase, Sage Trainer in the city of Berg


To use Rune Magic you need to be equipped with Lexicon as well as the Great Runic Blade, or to be able to Internaliced Lexicon

There are four runes (red purple, Blue and Green) in the first place, but first foremost, you should be aware of what each one means.

  • Shim = Red rune
  • Egoth = Rune of purple
  • Dez = Blue rune
  • False = Green rane

Once you’ve learned the runes, let’s mix the runes to create more powerful effects

Outward Rune Combos Guide – Spells

Simple Combinations & Combos

Simple combinations and combos need two Runes

  • Blue + Purple – Runic Protection +15 physical resistance +2 protection and Runic prefix:
    • Physical resistance +5 (total 20)
    • + security (total 3)
    • +10 elemental damage resistances
  • Red + Purple – Runic Blade 28 ethereal injuries and 12 impact Runic Prefix
    • The sword is infused with Divine Light.
  • Green + Blue – Runic Lantern The Lantern is a magical, hands-free lantern that lasts for 300 seconds Runic Prefix
    • Get an additional 150 seconds of light
  • Red + Green – Runic Trap It deals 70 ethereal damage and 100 damage the Runic prefix.
    • 30 decay damages are added to the blast.

Advanced Combinations & Combos

Advanced combinations and combos require the simple combination of x1 plus two Runes and Arcane Syntax, a passive skill. Arcane Syntax passive Skill


  • Runic Protection + Purple + Blue – Runic Heal Uses up your Runic Protection to replenish x40 health. Rnic Prefix:
    • In addition, it restores 2 health every minute for 10 second
  • Runic Blade + Red + Purple – Greater Runic Blade Eals 39 ethereal damages and 19 impact. Runic Prefix:
    • The sword is infused with greater Decay.
  • Runic Trap + Red + Red – Runic Detonation Deals 70 ethereal damages and 150 impact. Runic prefix:
    • Include 40 decay-related damage on the blast
  • Runic Lantern + Green + Red – Runic Lightning : fast-moving Lightning projectile (+55 Lightning damage & 30 impact), Runic Prefix:
    • Additional lightning damage is dealt out (total 65)

Arcane Syntax Passive Skill

It is an example of Rune Sage Tier 3: Specialization Skills. It also must master the Tier 2 Breakthrough skill. Rune Sage Skills are taught by Flase Sage Trainers in Bergen, the city. Berg