OWL 2022 Kickoff Clash Playoffs match of the Week and what to expect

This year’s Overwatch League has had an amazing run. The League will be playing OW -2 with teams for the first time. Teams have already had a chance to get a taste of the new game. The league’s playoffs are nearing for the kickoff Clash Playoffs. The bracket will show you what to expect. Which match should you choose?



Kickoff Clash Playoff will determine the winner of the OWL 2022’s first stage. These tournaments are a great way to see who is in the OWL power rankings, and who is looking strong for next season. There were many unexpected results in the qualifying games.


San Francisco Shock was relegated to the top of this competition as of 2016 qualifiers. They have not dropped a single game in Kickoff Clash thus far. They are returning to being the League’s strongest team with the help of their new team of young players. Dallas Fuel finished below them in competition, repeating his previous success.

The west standings have other teams that are tied for points in terms of wins. The competition will see the LA Gladiators and Houston Outlaws, as well as the Toronto Defiant, who have won four games and lost two. Washington Justice, Atlanta Reign, and Washington Justice are up for Western teams to participate in the Kickoff competition. They have the best chance of winning in the competition. Atlanta Reign started stronger, but both are stronger going into the bracket.

Source: Overwatch League.


The League’s political side is a little different. Both China Dragons, and Shanghai Spark have enjoyed good runs in the first matches. While not all of us will be able to replicate Shock’s success on the various sides of the group’s side, we can certainly say that they are at the top. Both Philadelphia Fusion and Seoul Dynasty have made it to the bracket.

Source: Overwatch League.


Some exciting matches will be part of the Overwatch League Twenty22 Kickoff Clash. The San Francisco Shock and Washington Court will be playing in the first round. No one can expect a surprise given the way Shock played this past year. Florida Mayhem will follow, as well as Atlanta Reign. This one is closer. Atlanta Reign will have a good chance to make up the performance drop.

Dallas will host the next match. Dallas hasn’t had the same curb stomp qualifying run as Shock, but they look stronger. They were seated back in Week 3, when Dallas beat Toronto. Houston Outlaws vs. LA Gladiators will be the final match of that side. This could be one of the most interesting matches, since neither team has an advantage going in.

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As weak as the Kickoff Clash is, the East side of this league’s roster is. With their rich history, the two teams will face off against the lazy ones. Seoul takes on the Chinese. This is the same match that Shanghai won 3-1 in recent years. Philadelphia Fusion is also up against Hangzhou Spark. This match is the third, as it was in the previous qualifying against Hangzhou. The West has very little left for the first round. However, the other side is interested.

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Early matches are the most exciting. The subject of the round will become more interesting after it is over. The big story at the beginning will be whether Shock’s incredible run can continue into the playoffs. The final finals are in our hands, but the standings could change.