People are only realizing that you can level up Anderson In Mass Effect 3

We all know that the first Mass Effect will level Jenkins’ stats and take him out the old gear. He is not returning from his first mission because he doesn’t need to be a gunner.

Fans are now claiming that Anderson can be beaten in Mass Effect 3. You can beat Anderson once in a while when the Alliance veteran meets you at the ceremony’s opening. You can even get a lot of points from him so that you have a great time.


Kelly Chambers was listed as a cause of death.

Reddit shared the discovery and many people hope that this won’t alter her fate at the final game. Sadly, it’s not. It does however mean that he kicks some Reaper ans before it’s up.

Anderson won’t be appearing anywhere at your party so many people will wonder why. Some fans have theories.

TIL: In the prologue to ME3, you can see how Anderson and his skills set are.

Reddit user Fast_Initial 4767 says, “This is because Anderson’s been in power ever since punching Udina”. Raecino also agrees that Anderson is the “most badass admiral of the Alliance”.

It was, however, quite interesting. Anderson will be able to use Frag Grenade but he won’t have to. There’s no grenade prologue. You’ll have to picture Anderson launching them at Banshees when he’s flying in Normandy.

We hope that BioWare will give us a companion the next time they do. They’ll be able to use all the skills they have learned. In the case of someone who uses speech alert to play multiple Mass Effects or Dragon Age games, I don’t think too much about Duncan, Jenkins, Ryder, or his siblings.