Phasmophobia Best Mods (2022)

Phasmophobia The best Mods Phasmophobia Best Mods Scooby Doo, Catgirl, Ghostbusters, Pink, Exorcist assistant Mod, Reshade, Ultra Violet, Pink and more mods


Phasmophobia Best Mods – Scooby Doo Edition Mod

This mod, called Phasmophobia: Scooby Doo Edition is a totally visible Mod for Phasmophobia. Making use of UABE along with Asset Studio, this mod alters many of the most important elements of the game to make it appear significantly like “Scoob-like”. This includes modified textures for players to a complete new appearance to the car.


Donwload the Scooby Doo Edition Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Assistant Mod

The name of the game says it all the name implies, it’s an assistant that can be utilized in games, its uses include information recording on the contract’s details, evidence discovered, details on ghosts found, and much more.

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Catgirl Mod

It substitutes a lot of textures, bringing beautiful images of cute girls in the game. The Ouija board, the journal the ghost writing book picture frames, photos The salt has been replaced with loli salt and the splash image loading the game, etc.

Donwload the Catgirl Mod > Here


Phasmophobia Best Mods – GhostBusters Edition Mod

Ghostbusters Edition! This is a Texture Swap mod for Phasmophobia. There’s Ghostbuster related equipment, Garage truck, carpets, as well as a few Easter Eggs!

Donwload the GhostBusters Edition Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – GhostBusters Radio Mod

Replaces radio noise with The Ghost Busters Theme song

Donwload the GhostBusters Radio Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Pink Mod

Modes with textured cherry blossoms to decorate lobbies as well as trucks


Donwload the Pink Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Ultra Violet Mod

Mods that are textured to change The mood of a dark to a light-hearted game

Donwload the Ultra Violet Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Exorcirst Mod

A simple reshade that includes instructions for installation in Unity in B&W plus Vibrant presets that assist in the creation of new (and hopefully, better) quality reshade designs to come. It will also help Phasmophobia preserve its distinctive creepy feel.


Donwload the Exorcirst Mod > Here

Phasmophobia Best Mods – Rtxphobia Preset Mod

The RTX PHOBIA Mod is an RTX Reshade Preset that can enhances gameplay performance by RTGI support . When I was looking to find an RTX Preset for Phasmophobia I could not find it, therefore I chose to design it.

Donwload the Rtxphobia Preset Mod > Here

Horror Ambiance Mod

The mod changes audio files in the game to enhance the horror experience for players. The next update will expand the theme of horror, changing the visual and audio aspects. The aim is to let the player feel like they are in the world. Let me know what comments or suggestions you’d like to see me make in the near future! !


Donwload the Horror Ambiance Mod > Here

Cam’s Reshade Preset Mod

This is an ReShade Preset which makes the game darker, and also gives an enhanced visual appeal in my opinion.

Donwload the Cam’s Reshade Preset Mod > Here

Fossu’s Light And Dark Reshade Mod

Simple ReShade that adds some life and atmosphere to the gamewith the intention for (hopefully) enhance the game and make it more creepier.


Donwload the Fossu’s Light And Dark Reshade Mod > Here