Phasmophobia Mysterious Music Box Guide

If you are interested in learning more about Phasmophobia’s Music Box, this paranormal guide may be of assistance.


Beautiful Melody, Is it?

The Music Box is one six cursed items in Phasmophobia.

It can be found on any map, at any difficulty. It can be found at one location on each map.


Music Box can be used to locate the ghost location.

As you can see, the melody is called “Adrift” and was composed by Lavender, one of the game’s developers.

How to Use It Profitably

Take the music box and activate it to use it.

The ghost will begin singing when you turn on the melody. This will allow you to locate the ghost’s location.

Be careful, the ghost will slowly follow the music to the box.


You can place it on the ground and hide while the ghost plays the music.

Listen to the whole melody and your mental state will drop by 75%.

Remember that the farther you are from the music box, the more your sanity will drop.



Ghost events can be witnessed if the music box is less than 5 meters from the ghost. Don’t panic. It’s just an event.

It is best to place a music box on the ground while it plays a tune. The cursed hunt won’t begin in that situation.

Dropping the music box when it is playing a tune will cause the music to stop and the cursed hunt will begin.

The End.

Good Luck again in your search for ghosts

You must take care of yourself, seekers.


We look forward to seeing you at the contract.