Pinocchio – Disney releases first teaser trailer

Disney released a preview of Pinocchio, and Tom Hanks played the role as Geppetto a few weeks ago. Now, the first teaser trailer for Pinocchio has been released. The first teaser trailer has been released.

The film stars Tom Hanks as Geppetto. Cynthia Erivo plays The Blue Fairy, Luke Evans plays The Coachman, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth is Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Keegan Michael Key, and Lorraine Bracco are also featured. They also lend their voices as Pinocchio, the talking cricket fox, and Sofia the seagull.

The stage design was done by Robert Zemeckis and Chris Weitz.

Pinocchio is the story of Geppettos the carpenter who created the tiny wooden puppet that gave the name. The story is filled with many adventures as the doll comes to life. Pinocchio is a naughty little boy who always resolves to do better. He also wants to be a human boy, not a puppet.