Pixel Gun 3D Codes

All Pixel Gun 3D Codes in one list that is updated regularly mobile Game developed by Gala Sports Technology Limited – Use these codes to earn gems, coins and exclusive items in the game, boost, and other gifts for free.


Pixel Gun 3D Codes – Full List

Use these codes to redeem gems, coins or exclusive in-game items boost, and other gifts for free.


Valid & Active Codes

These are the most valid codes.

  • MAILBOX You can redeem this code to receive 50 coins and 50 gems (Does not expire)

If you’re looking for additional codes they are available on the game’s social media channels. If you’re not feeling inclined to look for the codes, all you need to do is look through our list and we’ll update it regularly.

Codes that are expired

These codes do not work anymore:

  • LOVE22: Redeem this coupon to receive 50 rubies (Expires Feb 15th,)
  • 9GCD0MQ Use this code to receive 50 gemstones as well as 50 dollars.
  • NKLHVQ1G Use this code to receive 50 coins and 50 gems
  • 6T48RFKF Use this code for 50 coins and 50 gems
  • QDGW5DJF Use this code to receive 50 coins, 50 gems
  • AAZGR2KH Use this code to receive 50 gold coins and 50 gems
  • 6ZC906TG Use this code for 50 coins, 50 gems
  • CKDCQSB7 Use this code to receive 50 gems as well as 50 dollars.
  • HESOZJ83 Use this code to receive 50 gems and 50 coins
  • VMR270JS Use this code to receive 50 gemstones as well as 50 dollars.

Pixel Gun 3D Social Media Channels

  • Youtube: ? ?
  • Twitter: ? ?
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixelGun3DOfficial/

If you leave us a message in the event that you come across other working codes, we’ll include them in the list and give you credit


Pixel Gun 3D Codes – How to Redeem?

Use these instructions to redeem your codes:

  1. Start Pixel Gun 3D on your smartphone
  2. Click on the “+” Sign (Top right in the top left of the primary screen right next to the icon for gems)
  3. Scroll down and then tap on the button to redeem promo code
  4. Copy and paste the number from the list in your text box or type in the code
  5. Check your game’s mail
  6. Enjoy your rewards

About the Game

Pixel Gun 3D is a thrilling first-person multiplayer shooter. Download the game now and experience graphically slick graphics, intense gameplay, and more.

You are trapped in the Spaceship alongside other players you must complete tasks to ensure that the ship is running and then return home. However, there is an imposter on the team that is always at odds with your plans.

Get together with your friends, elevate your clan into the top divisions, and earn important rewards. Modify and update your Fort to be able to withstand PvE sieges and build an effective tank that can take on forts belonging to other clans.

Take over territories, take control of the massive world map, earn valor points, and collect revenue from your lands to be victorious in the battle


Do you want to be an Orc or Skeleton or a powerful Hero or some other character? Utilize extra-detailed costumes and skins to showcase your character. You can also create your own using the Skin Editor

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In the following video , you will learn ways to redeem code using Pixel Gun 3D (thanks to youtube: VixenVirus Rewards Code)