PoE Patch Notes 3.16.2 – Path of Exile

PoE patch notes – 3.16.2. All Scourge improvements, patch notes, bug fixes and other Improvements – Path of Exile


PoE Patch Notes: 3.16.2

  • Unintentional change was reversed where corpses of Spectre-based monsters were made just as likely to other corpses generated by Desecrate or other corpse-generating skills. Spectre-based corpses have twice the chance of being found in the area than corpses from other areas.
  • Another outcome that you could achieve in the Transform Items II Challenge has been added. This Challenge still requires a minimum of three outcomes to be completed.
  • Fixed a bug that increased casting speed could cause Ravenous Bloodshapers to have a slower default attack.
  • Fixed bug in which items could absorb corruption from monsters at lower levels than necessary.
  • Fixed a bug that could have caused a ridiculous Reservation Cost to be displayed on Skill Tooltips if -100% was reached.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Buy Points” section of the ingame shop wouldn’t load for certain characters in the Windows user name.

PoE Patch Notes: 3.16.1B

  • Fixed a bug that visually deactivated Crusader Runes might still be active.
  • Fixed an issue where Zana missions that required finding a specific item were sometimes not completed.
  • Fixed an issue whereby you could not receive credit towards the Complete Deathly Encounters In Style challenge after defeating Sirus Awakener Of Worlds, without being hit with any Spinning Negation Beams.
  • Fixed an issue where item filters that are tied to your account might not load the latest version if you use a client language other then English.
  • Fixed an issue where Crusader Weapon Effect Microtransaction visuals weren’t correct.
  • Two client crashes were fixed.

PoE Patch Notes: 3.16.1

  • Characters who were previously able equip a Wand or Melee Weapon simultaneously have lost their Wand.
  • Fixed a bug that Delirium encounters in Scourged Maps would drop 1 more stack of Simulacrum Splinters modifier. This would have caused splinters not to drop on killing the Rare Scourged Monster but at the end.
  • Fixed bug in Laboratory Map boss that could make it difficult to access if the final lever was used during Scourge encounters.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to snap Curse Immunity in order to bypass the Scourged Glove modifiers that Curses your.
  • Fixed an issue where Elemental Overload did not work with Traps and Mines or secondary projectiles from some skills, such as Cremation or Molten Strike.
  • Corrected a bug that Tornado could cause damage to walls.
  • Fixed a visual bug in which “20% chance of Impale on Hit” granted through the Physical Mastery wasn’t displayed in the Character Panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Survival Secrets Unique (and the Profane Chemistry Notable passive) did not cause Flasks to gain Charges after they had died.
  • Fixed bug in which, after you died, Necromantic Aegis didn’t apply bonuses from the Equipped Shield instead to your minions.
  • Fixed bug in “Link Skills can target Damageable Minions”. Minion Defence Mastery allowed Link Skills target Totems.
  • Fixed an issue where belts with Energy Shield or Armour modifiers couldn’t be reforged using random modifiers through Harvest crafting.
  • Fixed a bug that Temporal Rift had to be reactivated after logout.
  • Fixed an issue where the calculation for Physical Damage Reduction against damage over time could have dropped below zero.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Veiled modifiers on Cane of Kulemak Unique didn’t have their magnitudes increased.
  • Fixed bug in which some modifiers didn’t have the Attribute tag.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting recipes could not be found within the Temple Of Atzoatl.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed killing the Guardian of Phoenix to earn credit towards the Defeat Shaper Guardians Challenge, even though the area didn’t have the “Minus maximum player Resistances” modifier.
  • Fixed an issue where the chance of suppressing Spell Damage per Frenzy charge modifier on Legacy Darkray Vectors did not work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Brands could have been hidden under the floor in certain areas.
  • Fixed an error in the Viscera Cavuldron quest item description.
  • Fixed bug in The Lord’s Labyrinth that implied you had to complete multiple Trials of Ascendancy In Maps before you could access the Eternal Labyrinth.
  • Fixed an issue where Synthesis hideout decorations could not be exported to hideout templates files.
  • Fixed an issue where certain effects of the Oblivion Toxic Rain Effect Microtransaction ended prematurely.
  • 3 instances of crashes fixed

PoE Patch Notes: 3.16.0d

Scourge Improvements

  • Scourged items can no longer generate downsides that directly counteract their upside. An example of this is an item that has “Added Physical Damage”, but cannot generate “Deal no Physical Damage” as a negative.
  • To better reflect the functionality of Scourged Map, the description has been updated. Scourged Map modifies turn into Nightmare when you kill a rare or unique enemy. This modifier now grants you more Blood for killing enemies on Maps.
  • Scourged Map modifier, which causes you to enter Nightmare when you reach maximum Blood, now has a slight drain on Blood. However, the Blood loss from Killing a Scourge Monster is now 0.4% (previously 0.5%). You will also lose all Blood if you move out of Nightmare.
  • Scourged Maps that transform into Nightmare upon reaching maximum Blood cannot teleport you to an Incursion after you have shifted out of Nightmare.

Other Improvements

  • The damage to the Delve Spider Flicker Straike skill has been decreased.
  • The damage caused by exploding pods during the Stagnation Map boss battle has been reduced
  • The cost for the Rank 1 Defences Crafting bench options is now 4 Orbs. Transmutation was previously 6 Orbs. Alteration.
  • The Siren Weapon Microtransaction, which can be found in the shop, has been renamed Trident Weapon.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed bug in which Sentinels of Absolution summoned via Intuitive Link did not attack.
  • Corrected a bug in which Plague Bearer showed the incorrect Maximum Plague Valu on the Skill Bar Tooltip, if Plague Mastery had been assigned.
  • Fixed bug that Tempest Shield had to be activated again after logout.
  • Fixed a bug in Raise Spectre that could cause Raise Spectre to sometimes raise the wrong minion.
  • Fixed a bug in which Mirage Archer Support could not support Power Siphon. This caused the Skill to be unusable.
  • Fixed an issue where you could equip both a Wand or a Melee Weapon simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Wind Dancer Keystone Passive could have been activated by being struck with a spell.
  • Fixed bug in which the Lethality Notable Passive did not affect rain skills.
  • Fixed bug in which the Blackflame Unique Ring did not grant kill credit to enemies killed by Ignite.
  • Fixed an issue where the Veiled Sufix modifier on Bows, which grants a percentage of Fire Damage Over Time Multiplier, was being used with two-handed values.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flask modifier, which grants immunity to Maim and Hinder for a period of time if used while Maimed/Hindered was not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Suffix modifier, which provides reduced Flask charges gained and Flasks that you apply to you have higher Effect, was classified as a Prefix modifier in Crafting Bench.
  • Fixed bug in which the Stagnation map boss could summon vines at their place, instead of their target’s.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Jaesyn or Maker of Mires from creating clones on the Hallowed Ground Unique Map.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Reef Map boss to continue to spawn minions even after he died.
  • Fixed a bug in which Delve darkness damage was slightly higher over time than expected at depths below 1000.
  • Fixed bug in which opening a Chronicle of Atzoatl didn’t grant credit towards the Assist the Forsaken Masters Challenge.
  • Fixed bug that prevented party members from interacting with Zana portals after they left the mission area.
  • Fixed bug that party members sometimes couldn’t see party leaders’ map portals in Guild Hideouts.
  • Fixed bug in which Monsters in Nightmare prevented discovered Hideouts being cleared completely.
  • Two instances of crash were fixed.