Pokemon Go Campfire Operation

Pokemon Go Campfire Operation. Demo version of the application and some Go Fest players.

Pokemon Go Campfire Operation

The application was tested in Demo. For some players in Go Fest, access is limited to those who have a ticket to Seattle GO Fest.

Demonstrations of Campfire, including how it generates meetings for face-to-face incursions and the option to scan certain areas within the application.

Campfire was released in beta for some users. In the video below, Youtuber “The Trainer Club” shows how to use it and some functions it offers, including the raid map. We will be able check how it works and what features to expect. Campfire will soon become Pokemon Go’s social app.

July and August Events

We will be enjoying many events that focus on the latest updates in Pokemon Go throughout the season. Keep our website in your favorites so you can visit it frequently to keep up to date with all the latest events in Pokemon Go. Below is a listing of all the events. To find out more, click the link “click Here” for the event.

Pokemon Go Fest Seattle

To learn more, Click here.

Hisuian Discoveries

For more information, Click here.

Community Day

When we have more information, mark the dates on your calendar. These are the next three dates for the community days:

  • June 25 > Deino > Zweilous > Hydreigon
  • You can find all information about the Community Day Deino by clicking here .
  • July 17, Starly Staravia Staraptor
  • You can find all information about the Community Day of Starly by clicking here .
  • August 13 > Zigzagoon de Galar > Linoone de Galar > Obstagoon
  • Galarian Zigzagoon Community Day Click here.

Pokemon Go Campfire Operation – Go Battle League

Pokemon Go, Go Battle League 11 will begin June 1, 2013 and last 3 months (roughly the entire summer), before ending September 1, 2013.

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