Pokemon TCG: Time and force on fire In June 2022, Pokemon TCG shows a change in speed

The Pokemon TCG market is constantly evolving and unpredictable. We’ve seen a renewed interest for this hobby over the past two years.

This is due to one of the strong 25th anniversary sets featuring amazing Alternate Arts. Box breaks, COVID-19 lockdown, and influencers. Sometimes sets and cards that were easily available become difficult to find. Let’s wait for the hype to subside before we see what modern sets look like.

Each month I will be posting an installment of the series, Pokemon TCG Valu Watch. This series is not financial advice. It’s a way for collectors to know the card availability trajectory so they can execute the Pokemon TCG easily by telling them when they are coming. Let’s look at how maps were created by Sword & Shield Evolving Skyes in August 2021. They then acted in June 2022.

The logo for Evolving Skies has not been pictured. Pokemon.

These are the most valuable cards in the Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Evolution Skies. Market values can be found in the Pokemon TCG periodically.

  • WMAX Umbreon Art 715/203: $338,17.
  • Rayquaza VMAX Alternative Art 218/203: 219.93 USD
  • Sylveon VMAX Alternative Art 212/203: 154,58 $
  • Glaceon VMAX Other than the form 20, 9/202 is 39,04 $.
  • Leafeon VMAX (no cyrruprecreeco del suoz corruprecito 205/203: 133.62 USD).
  • Umbreon V, alternative art. 189/203: 89,29 dollars.
  • Rayquaza V. Alternate art. 194/203: $82.65.
  • Alternative art 192/203, Dragonite V: $81.26
  • Leafeon V Alternative Art: 167/203 – $58,26
  • Glaceon V, artifacts 175/203 : 57.40 dollars
  • Espeon V Alternate Art 180/203: 55.69 dollars.
  • Sylveon V Alternate Art 194/203: 55.48 USD
  • Rayquaza VMAX Rare 217/203: 45.83 dollars.
  • Umbreon VMAX Rare 214/203: 37,50 dollars.
  • Nouvern V Alternate Art 196/203: 29,40$.
  • Sylveon VMAX Rainbow rare 211/203: 29,10$
  • Duraludon VMAX Other Art 20 / 21,55 $ / 21.55 $
  • Darkness Energy Gold Secret Rare 236/203 – 27,33 Dollars
  • One’s All-Inclusive art 189/203: 26,85$
  • Gyarados VMAX Rainbow Rare 207/203: 23,54 dollars.

Unreal. In just one month, the Umbreon VMAX – Alternative Art sold for a mere cent. Although it is not common for a card to be locked in such high values, it has been many months since this highly sought-after set was printed by thePokemon. Although the Rayquaza VMAX and vMAX values are high, they did lose 8 pounds. The Leafeon VMAX Alternative Art saw a 20 p.m. drop, while other Eeveelution VMAXes remained steady. In fact, most cards had the same value last month.

There may be a reprint of aSword and Shield Evolving Skies. The value of the reprint will decrease if it does not include booster boxes. Continue the discussion.