Postal 4 No Regerts Cheats & Armory Codes

Postal 4 Cheats & Armory codes – All the cheats, boosts, and codes they provide to unlock each armory in the secret prison


Postal 4 Cheats & Armory codes – Cheats

These are all available cheats:


  • /slomo-1 – 50 mph slow motion speed You can choose the slow-motion value you wish.
  • /fly allows players to fly in the area.
  • /packinheat: Gives you all the weapons and items in the game.
  • /FLUDD– Provides unlimited Firefighter Water Pipe
  • /alamode– This makes players immune to damage (God Mode).
  • /Jumpman Allows players jump higher.
  • /ifeelfree – Provides players no Clip.
  • /sanic Allows players to move at Sanic speeds
  • /sonic Allows players to move at Sonic speed
  • /Aneurysm– Will kill your player by suicide.
  • /SPCA– Will teleport players into the Animal Catcher area.
  • /OneStarMotel– Will teleport you to the Ending Motel building.
  • /INeedAJob– Will teleport you to the Job Agency.
  • /DoNotPassGo– Will teleport you to the Prison
  • /TurtlePower-Will teleport you to the Sewer.

How to use cheats

Simply press the T command to enter any of these codes

Postal 4 No Regrets Cheats and Armory codes – Armory codes

You will need to know the code or combination that opens the armories in the secret prison. You have two options: either you can open the control panel by yourself or you can use the three numbers that we will give to each Armory.


These are all the Secret Prison Armory Codes.

  • A-1 Armory code: 0-5-7
  • B-1 Armory Code 3-7
  • C-1 Armory Code 71-6

Postal 4: No Regrets

POSTAL 4 : No Regerts, a funny and hilarious open-world first-person shooter is the long-awaited true sequel of POSTAL 2, which has been affectionately called “The Worst Game Ever(tm).”

Since the destruction of the once proud Paradise, several years have passed. The two survivors of the cataclysm, the hapless everydayman known as the POSTAL Dude, and his faithful companion Champ, drove aimlessly through Arizona’s scorching deserts in search of a new home. The Dude and Champ are left with only their trailer home, car and other worldly possessions. After a fortunate gas station stop, the Dude and Champ drive aimlessly through Arizona looking for a new place to call home. The duo sees a new and exciting town on the horizon. Untold possibilities await them. Fame? Fortune? Perhaps a bidet? Edensin awaits.