Potion Shop Schwesterherz Cheats

Potion Shop Schwesterherz Cheats – Unlimited Money, Max Health & Stamina No clothes, no gossip and many more hilarious cheats


Potion Shop Schwesterherz Cheats – Full List

Here are the most popular cheats:


  • Standard or nude > to take off clothing
  • Profit > 1000 dollars
  • medicine > max health & stamina
  • favor > remove gossip
  • either whore or nun to alter inhibition
  • Lewd or reserved to modify the libido

Certain cheats, such as the money cheat may be used as often as you like. Therefore, in cases of currency,, it is basically infinite money. If you use other cheats, such as Max Health & Stamina, you are able to use it again in the event that you lose it which means you’ll be able to maintain maximum stamina and health

It appears that cheats are still working following the most recent updates to the game. Likewise, after update If they do not work for you, let us know by leaving us a note so we can rectify it.

Potion Shop Schwesterherz Cheats – How to Redeem

Here are the steps needed to redeem codes in the game:

  • Launch Potion Shop Schwesterherz on your PC
  • Start a new game , or play a game from a previous one (you must be playing in order to utilize cheating)
  • Click on the settings (upper left corner)
  • Click on Game
  • Enter the cheat you want to use and hit Enter (you could copy-paste cheats we have listed)
  • Have fun with cheats!

About the Game

The game is in a very early stage. You, the player is in control of Sonja The girl who wanders through the forest and gathers ingredients for potions. Sonja discovered that it is only the c**makes her potions work, and so she’s collecting the essential essential ingredientsfrom different creatures that live within the forest.

In the meantime, the sister Lindais managing the shop. As a shopkeeper, with all the potions she sells makes her more desire to get her s** on which leads her to give the rounds to any costumer. Luckily, Sonja can speak to her concious. However, Linda could earn a few additional coins by doing this…