Power Rangers AAA open world co-op pitch was “basically Arkham Rangers”

It was once possible to create a video game featuring Power Rangers triple-A Power Rangers, dubbed “Arkham Rangers”, but it didn’t materialize.

Jason Bischoff was the former global franchise director for Power Rangers at Hasbro, and is now a director at Funko. He took to Tweet to share details about the project codenamed “Project Nomad”.

Project Nomad was in development in 2016, but never reached the pitch stage.

Bischoff described it “a ambitious, open-world co-op that captured energy, teamwork and history of the franchise through an entirely new lens”.

“Basically, ‘Arkham’ Rangers…or Gotham Knights five year before GK’s announcement.”

This is a nod both to Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series and to the recently-delayed Gotham Knights. An open-world action RPG that you can play either solo or with a group, it features Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin. Below is the trailer for Gotham Knights.

Bischoff stated that Project Nomad did not have the budget or bandwidth to support it internally. However, he was able to get approval to “independently investigate”.

The pitch was then made. Although initial talks with publishers and developers were said to be “favourable”, discussions about Project Nomad ended due to “ultimately timing and big shifts within our business”.

Project Nomad was abandoned, and the triple-A Power Rangers dream did not come to fruition.

Bischoff shared the concept art and a note about the proposed game’s setup: “Eltar, under occupation being liberated by a myriad Rangers from across all the cosmos.”

Over the years there have been many Power Rangers videogames, including the 2D fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid in 2019. The gameplay is shown in the video below. It reminds me of Marvel Vs. Capcom.