Prey: First teaser released for the new Predator movie

20th Century Studios has released the first teaser of Prey following the filming of the latest installment of the Predator franchise has been completed for a while .


The film is set 300 years ago in Comancheria which was the tribes’ area of the Comanches and is the tale of the young and gifted warrior Naru. She grew up in dark shadows of some hunter legends of the plains. When her camp is in danger and she decides to defend her people.

The prey she hunts down and ultimately confronts will turn out to be an extremely sophisticated predator from another planet with technology-driven weapons that leads to a brutal and terrifying fight between the two antagonists.

The filmmakers aimed to give an accurate portrayal of the Comanche in order to show justice to native peoples. The producers are Jhane Myers ( 1883 , The Magnificent Seven ) and herself, an ancestor of the Comanche people, renowned for her commitment and dedication to films that dealt with people from the Comanche as well as the Blackfeet peoples.

The actors are almost all Native American and First Nations talent, which includes Amber Midthunder ( Roswell, New Mexico ) as Naru and the newcomer Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp ( Sooyii ), Michelle Thrush ( The Journey Home ) and Julian Black Antelope ( Tribal ).

It was directed by Dan Trachtenberg ( 10 Cloverfield Lane ) and Patrick Aison ( Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan ) wrote the screenplay. Prey will be exclusively available through Hulu within the US beginning on August 5, as well as premiering at Disney+ in Germany.