Project Slayers Daily Spinner

Project Slayers Daily spinner – Everything you need to know about Project Slayers daily spins. Keep watching!

Project Slayers Daily spinner

The Daily Spinner was created to reward players who play Project Slayers every day.

We recommend that you avoid Project Slayers if you are unable to play. Instead, you should try the Spin for free.



Each category has an equal chance to be selected (12.5%). There are 4 categories where you can get something.

  • Wen
  • Clan Spins
  • Demon Spins
  • Random item

You have a 50% chance of getting any Reward for a spin.

Reward Program

We have listed all rewards in Project Slayers. You will be able to see what kind of reward you could get depending on your achievement.


  • Wen

Spin up to the Wen Category to get the maximum amount of money. The limit is 500.

  • Clan Spins

If you spin enough clans to reach the Clan category, you will get random spins of up to 25. (The rarer the number, the higher).

  • Demon Spins

You can spin up to 25 Demon art spins if you spin up to this category. (The rarer the number, the higher)

  • Random Items

You will receive an item if you spin up on the category. However, it is not a guaranteed way to get it.

Project Slayers Daily Spinner- About

Project Slayer was created by ouw0pp with his dev team.


This game is inspired by the demon slayer series of KoyoharuGotouge. The game is not canon and features its own characters. If there is no material, some of the characters will not be demon slayer-based.

Source: Trello

Project Slayers Daily Spinner Mobile

Nothing is better for a mobile player than being able to see the screen and press each button you wish to perform. We leave you with this Conceptual video.